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DevOps Keynote - The DevOps next level

DevOps Keynote - The DevOps next level

Since 2009, when DevOps was coined, the scenario and the technologies changed dramatically. Today, with DevOps marketing growing we need to be aligned on trends to be ready for what will be tomorrow. I'm available for speeches, just drop me a message here: https://forms.gle/p9ef6QJHr6ZB19Qc6

Daniele Fontani

May 14, 2020

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  1. SINTRA DIGITAL BUSINESS DevOps - The next level - Keynote

    Daniele Fontani CTO @ Sintra - Digital Business 2
  2. SINTRA DIGITAL BUSINESS ➔ process definition and automation ➔ better

    quality ➔ less human errors ➔ less misunderstood ➔ more communication ➔ there is no more feud between offices How DevOps Changed our Lives 5
  3. SINTRA DIGITAL BUSINESS DevOps in numbers Who use DevOps? 6

    8B$ In 2022 IDC expects the DevOps market to touch $8 billion by 2022 whereas another report by Grand View Research expects the numbers to hit $12.85 billion by 2025. DevOps Usage 2019 By 2023, the number of organizations releasing codes for specific applications will increase to 30% from 3% in 2019.(IDC ) Manual deployments CNCF tells manual releases passed from 28% to 14%, with a shorter release cycle. 78% Kubernetes in prod 78% of people interviewed by CNCF use it in production in 2019 (in 2018 was 58%) 2019 2023 2018 2019
  4. SINTRA DIGITAL BUSINESS DevSecOps Involve the SecOps team in the

    process and automate security test (as part of the pipeline) 8
  5. SINTRA DIGITAL BUSINESS NoOps NoOps means no operation. Its philosophy

    is to remove all the platform management parts and reduce friction between developers and infrastructure. 9 Do not forget about: Monitoring Security FinOps
  6. SINTRA DIGITAL BUSINESS Everything as a Code 10 Every part

    of the process must be: versioned shared replicable easy to restore Automation is a requirement
  7. SINTRA DIGITAL BUSINESS Kubernetes is a practical solution It is

    a good solution to meet requirements and follow the devops trends 16 can be run on cloud or on-prem is described by source code is easy to be automated we can setup a no-ops / near serverless configuration is multi cloud
  8. SINTRA DIGITAL BUSINESS 19 19 • Assembly lines: https://medium.com/@OpcitoTechnologies/ci-pipelines-and-devops-assembly-lines-an-analogy-79a05d35f9fc •

    Reports: ◦ https://www.cncf.io/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/CNCF_Survey_Report.pdf ◦ https://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prCHC46063720 • Images form: ◦ https://dzone.com/articles/the-future-of-devops-is-assembly-lines ◦ https://www.xenonstack.com/blog/devops-assembly-line/ ◦