Mobile Video Is Transforming Education - Are You Ready?

Mobile Video Is Transforming Education - Are You Ready?

Web Video is disrupting the ways we communicate. It redefined journalism, enhanced participation and increased learning results. Mobile Video is the next stage, making communication more social and collaborative, allowing for blazing fast publishing and low production costs – making video an asset everyone can and should use. Mobile video is opening a world of opportunities for students and teachers. The ability for students to connect with other students, educators, and remote experts has opened the door to experiences that would not otherwise be available.
In this session we'll take you through new ways to leverage the power of video through mobile experiences. We'll Kaltura's APIs and mobile SDK for iOS and Android, and share how Kaltura is used for building video enabled Native and HTML5 applications that allow for personal and interactive learning, driving increase in learning results and greater social experience.


Zohar Babin

July 09, 2012


  1. Mobile Video Personal, Fun, Relevant, Connected Zohar Babin, Kaltura BBWorld

    DevCon, 2012 - @zohar -
  2. This is an invite to Play

  3. None
  4. The technology is already [t]here Who doesn’t have one of

  5. But, we’re not quite using it yet… Boring, not personal,

    rarely connected.
  6. Engage! … involve It’s not about creating the Campus FarmVille.

  7. Use the Technology in our Pocket And just like that…

    Learning goes social (and personal, and fun).
  8. Capture, Archive, Annotate Expensive! Complicated! Or is it?

  9. Pocket Lecture Capture So simple and small - every teacher

    AND student can have one.
  10. Participate. Archive. Review.

  11. Teacher On Demand Kahn Academy: …we're on a mission to

    help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.
  12. Teacher On Demand EdX: a joint partnership between MIT and

    Harvard to offer online learning to millions of people around the world.
  13. Assignments can be Fun Capture Creativity. Anywhere.

  14. Native Apps Experience Custom Player, Capture/Record, Lot’s of great components

    ready to be used
  15. Analyze, Improve Bringing it together…

  16. Building the Future of EDUVideo Putting the pieces together

  17. Tools Blackboard Building Block, APIs, SDKs, HTML5 JS Library

  18. Build for the Mobile Web Native will follow

  19. It’s all about the User Experience And we’re going to

    make amazing!
  20. Thank You! :) | @zohar Download SDKs: Learn

    HTML5: Join Us at the Kaltura Booth!