Designing a Modern Swift Network Stack

68d48587fc806c2b35eb9ff0b7ad8115?s=47 Mike Zornek
January 10, 2019

Designing a Modern Swift Network Stack


When an app is young and has simple networking needs it's not uncommon to use URLSession tasks directly inside of a view controller. However as the app needs grow to include things like authenticated requests, token renewal, testing, cancellation, caching and more -- you'll want to have a more defined networking stack to lean on. On a client project over the summer, the iOS team and I started to document a networking wish list and over the past few months we've started to execute it, first on some smaller features and a demos app. Now we are preparing for a new greenfield iOS app where we should be able to hit the ground running with our new ideas.

In this talk I'll review the network design we've come up with. I'll demo what we have working and talk about how we want to extend it in the future. Attendee should walk away with new ideas that they can integrate into their own networking stacks.


Mike Zornek

January 10, 2019