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Health tips from geek to geek

Health tips from geek to geek

I meet plenty of unhealthy geeks, but a few tips can save your life.
They are hacking at whatever they want, why not health?

Zed Shaw made a great article on this, read it now!
Add some tips on sleep from Alex Koppel.

I don't only steal work from great people: I've mixed some advice and experiments of my own.

Sylvain Abélard

December 11, 2012

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  1. @abelar_s Health tips, from geek to geek -- telegraph.co.uk @parisrb

    10/12/2012 & @humantalks 11/12/2012 Computer gamers 'have reactions of pilots but bodies of chain smokers'
  2. Usual suspects Geeks: ‣night owls ‣coffee-addicts ‣junk food ‣slouch ‣don’t

    do sports ‣don’t go outside And there’s often some truth in legends
  3. Sleep Today’s Guru: @arsduo Sleep deprivation: ‣will hurt you ‣adds

    up in the long run ‣is not repaid in a weekend
  4. Sleep Today’s Guru: the internets ‣Lights ‣ try F.lux and

    ScreenFilter ‣Circadian cycles ‣ blue is morning and orange is evening
  5. Sleep Today’s Guru: my mom ;) ‣ADHD ‣ stop loving

    those shiny new things ‣ some try rituals or meditation ‣Connectivity ‣ cut off! Deprivation only lasts 3 days.
  6. Screens Today’s Guru: my ophtalmologist ;) Your eyes should be

    at the screen’s top height Screen should be at least at arm’s length
  7. Sitting Today’s Guru: french healthcare ;) Great chairs are part

    of @tibastral’s plans for startupparadise.com [Friend Ad]
  8. Questions? Things we mentioned during the questions: ‣ Tea ‣

    Diets ‣ Sports ‣ reddit fitness ‣ Standing Desk ‣ Polyphasic Sleep ‣ Napping and power naps ‣ Ergonomic (desks, keyboards, mice, footrests) ‣ Keyboard layouts: dvorak, colemak, bepo...