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Attracting Recruiters on LinkedIn

Attracting Recruiters on LinkedIn


Nenne (Adora) Nwodo

June 13, 2020

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  5. What changed?

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  8. Steps to attracting recruiters on LinkedIn and bagging the best

    Tech jobs
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  14. sells “Robyn is a final year computer science student of

    the University of Lagos. She has experience building frontend web experiences using React and Vue. She is also a very huge advocate for the JAMStack. In 2017, Robyn became the DSC lead for Unilag and she uses that as an avenue to bring tech enthusiasts together and motivate more women in tech. Robyn is passionate about communities and is equally committed to building experiences that make the web a better place for everyone. “
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  22. www.adoranwodo.com @adoranwodo c