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Patterns for Continuous Delivery, Reactive, High Availability, DevOps & Cloud Native Open Source with NetflixOSS

Patterns for Continuous Delivery, Reactive, High Availability, DevOps & Cloud Native Open Source with NetflixOSS

Yow Australia 2013 Workshop Slides yowconference.com #yow13

Adrian Cockcroft

December 04, 2013

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  1. Pa#erns  for  Con,nuous  Delivery,   Reac,ve,  High  Availability,  DevOps  &

      Cloud  Na,ve  Open  Source  with  NeClixOSS   YOW!  Workshop   December  2013   Adrian  CockcroN  +  Ben  Christensen   @adrianco  @NeClixOSS  @benjchristensen  
  2. Presenta,on  vs.  Workshop   •  Presenta,on   – Short  dura,on,  focused

     subject   – One  presenter  to  many  anonymous  audience   – A  few  ques,ons  at  the  end   •  Workshop   – Time  to  explore  in  and  around  the  subject   – Tutor  gets  to  know  the  audience   – Discussion,  rat-­‐holes,  “bring  out  your  dead”  
  3. Presenters   Adrian  Cockcro,   Cloud  Architecture  Pa3erns  Etc.  

    Ben  Christensen   Func9onal  Reac9ve  Pa3erns  Etc.  
  4. A#endee  Introduc,ons   •  Who  are  you,  where  do  you

     work   •  Why  are  you  here  today,  what  do  you  need   •  “Bring  out  your  dead”   – Do  you  have  a  specific  problem  or  ques,on?   – One  sentence  elevator  pitch   •  What  instrument  do  you  play?    
  5. Content   Adrian:  Cloud  at  Scale  with  Ne@lix   Adrian:

     Cloud  Na9ve  Ne@lixOSS   Ben:  Resilient  Developer  Pa3erns   Adrian:  Availability  and  Efficiency   Ques9ons  and  Discussion  
  6. How  NeClix  Used  to  Work   Customer  Device   (PC,

     PS3,  TV…)   Monolithic  Web   App   Oracle   MySQL   Monolithic   Streaming  App   Oracle   MySQL   Limelight/Level  3   Akamai  CDNs   Content   Management   Content  Encoding   Consumer   Electronics   AWS  Cloud   Services   CDN  Edge   Loca,ons   Datacenter  
  7. How  NeClix  Streaming  Works  Today   Customer  Device   (PC,

     PS3,  TV…)   Web  Site  or   Discovery  API   User  Data   Personaliza,on   Streaming  API   DRM   QoS  Logging   OpenConnect   CDN  Boxes   CDN   Management  and   Steering   Content  Encoding   Consumer   Electronics   AWS  Cloud   Services   CDN  Edge   Loca,ons   Datacenter  
  8. NeClix  Scale   •  Tens  of  thousands  of  instances  on

     AWS   – Typically  4  core,  30GByte,  Java  business  logic   – Thousands  created/removed  every  day   •  Thousands  of  Cassandra  NoSQL  storage  nodes   – Many  hi1.4xl  -­‐  8  core,  60Gbyte,  2TByte  of  SSD   – 65  different  clusters,  over  300TB  data,  triple  zone   – Over  40  are  mul,-­‐region  clusters  (6,  9  or  12  zone)   – Biggest  288  m2.4xl  –  over  300K  rps,  1.3M  wps  
  9. Reac,ons  over  ,me   2009  “You  guys  are  crazy!  Can’t

     believe  it”     2010  “What  NeClix  is  doing  won’t  work”     2011  “It  only  works  for  ‘Unicorns’  like  NeClix”     2012  “We’d  like  to  do  that  but  can’t”     2013  “We’re  on  our  way  using  NeClix  OSS  code”  
  10. But  perfec,on  takes  too  long…   Compromises…   Time  to

     market  vs.  Quality   Utopia  remains  out  of  reach  
  11. Where  ,me  to  market  wins  big   Making  a  land-­‐grab

      Disrup,ng  compe,tors  (OODA)   Anything  delivered  as  web  services    
  12. Observe   Orient   Decide   Act   Land  grab

      opportunity   Compe,,ve   move   Customer   Pain  Point   Analysis   Get  buy-­‐in   Plan   response   Commit   resources   Implement   Deliver   Engage   customers   Model   alterna,ves   Measure   customers   Colonel  Boyd,   USAF   “Get  inside  your   adversaries'   OODA  loop  to   disorient  them”  
  13. How  Soon?   Product  features  in  days  instead  of  months

      Deployment  in  minutes  instead  of  weeks   Incident  response  in  seconds  instead  of  hours  
  14. Cloud  Na,ve   A  new  engineering  challenge   Construct  a

     highly  agile  and  highly   available  service  from  ephemeral  and   assumed  broken  components  
  15. How  to  get  to  Cloud  Na,ve   Freedom  and  Responsibility

     for  Developers   Decentralize  and  Automate  Ops  Ac,vi,es   Integrate  DevOps  into  the  Business  Organiza,on  
  16. Four  Transi,ons   •  Management:  Integrated  Roles  in  a  Single

     Organiza,on   –  Business,  Development,  Opera,ons  -­‐>  BusDevOps   •  Developers:  Denormalized  Data  –  NoSQL   –  Decentralized,  scalable,  available,  polyglot   •  Responsibility  from  Ops  to  Dev:  Con,nuous  Delivery   –  Decentralized  small  daily  produc,on  updates   •  Responsibility  from  Ops  to  Dev:  Agile  Infrastructure  -­‐  Cloud   –  Hardware  in  minutes,  provisioned  directly  by  developers  
  17. Fiwng  Into  Public  Scale   Public   Grey   Area

      Private   1,000  Instances   100,000  Instances   NeClix   Facebook   Startups  
  18. How  big  is  Public?   AWS  upper  bound  es,mate  based

     on  the  number  of  public  IP  Addresses   Every  provisioned  instance  gets  a  public  IP  by  default  (some  VPC  don’t)   AWS  Maximum  Possible  Instance  Count  5.1  Million  –  Sept  2013   Growth  >10x  in  Three  Years,    >2x  Per  Annum  -­‐  h#p://bit.ly/awsiprange  
  19. The  Alterna,ve  Supplier   Ques,on   What  if  there  is

     no  clear  leader  for  a   feature,  or  AWS  doesn’t  have  what   we  need?  
  20. Things  We  Don’t  Use  AWS  For   SaaS  Applica,ons  –

     Pagerduty,  Onelogin  etc.   Content  Delivery  Service   DNS  Service  
  21. CDN  Scale   AWS  CloudFront   Akamai   Limelight  

    Level  3   NeClix   Openconnect   YouTube   Gigabits   Terabits   NeClix   Facebook   Startups  
  22. DNS  Service   AWS  Route53  is  missing  too  many  features

     (for  now)   Mul,ple  vendor  strategy  Dyn,  Ultra,  Route53   Abstracted  (broken)  DNS  APIs  with  Denominator  
  23. What  Changed?   Get  out  of  the  way  of  innova,on

      Best  of  breed,  by  the  hour   Choices  based  on  scale     Cost   reduc,on   Slow  down   developers   Less   compe,,ve   Less  revenue   Lower   margins   Process   reduc,on   Speed  up   developers   More   compe,,ve   More   revenue   Higher   margins  
  24. Congratula,ons,  your  startup  got   funding!   •  More  developers

      •  More  customers   •  Higher  availability   •  Global  distribu,on   •  No  ,me….     Growth  

        AWS  Zone  A   Your  architecture  looks  like  this:       Web  UI  /  Front  End  API   Middle  Tier   RDS/MySQL  
  26. And  it  needs  to  look  more  like  this…    

      Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  A   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  B   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  C   Regional  Load  Balancers   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  A   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  B   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  C   Regional  Load  Balancers  
  27. Inside  each  AWS  zone:   Micro-­‐services  and  de-­‐normalized  data  stores

          API  or  Web  Calls   memcached   Cassandra   Web  service   S3  bucket  
  28. We’re  here  to  help  you  get  to  global  scale…  

    Apache  Licensed  Cloud  Na,ve  OSS  PlaCorm   h#p://neClix.github.com  
  29. Gewng  started  with  NeClixOSS  Step   by  Step   1. 

    Set  up  AWS  Accounts  to  get  the  founda,on  in  place   2.  Security  and  access  management  setup   3.  Account  Management:  Asgard  to  deploy  &  Ice  for  cost  monitoring   4.  Build  Tools:  Aminator  to  automate  baking  AMIs   5.  Service  Registry  and  Searchable  Account  History:  Eureka  &  Edda   6.  Configura,on  Management:  Archaius  dynamic  property  system   7.  Data  storage:  Cassandra,  Astyanax,  Priam,  EVCache   8.  Dynamic  traffic  rou,ng:  Denominator,  Zuul,  Ribbon,  Karyon   9.  Availability:  Simian  Army  (Chaos  Monkey),  Hystrix,  Turbine   10.  Developer  produc,vity:  Blitz4J,  GCViz,  Pytheas,  RxJava   11.  Big  Data:  Genie  for  Hadoop  PaaS,  Lips,ck  visualizer  for  Pig   12.  Sample  Apps  to  get  started:  RSS  Reader,  ACME  Air,  FluxCapacitor  
  30. Flow  of  Code  and  Data  Between  AWS   Accounts  

    Produc,on   Account   Archive   Account   Auditable   Account   Dev  Test   Build  Account   AMI   AMI   Backup   Data  to  S3   Weekend   S3  restore   New  Code   Backup   Data  to  S3  
  31. Account  Security   •  Protect  Accounts   – Two  factor  authen,ca,on

     for  primary  login   •  Delegated  Minimum  Privilege   – Create  IAM  roles  for  everything   •  Security  Groups   – Control  who  can  call  your  services  
  32. Cloud  Access  Control   www-­‐ prod   •  Userid  wwwprod

      Dal-­‐ prod   •  Userid  dalprod   Cass-­‐ prod   •  Userid  cassprod   Cloud  access   audit  log   ssh/sudo   bas,on   Security  groups  don’t  allow   ssh  between  instances   Developers  
  33. Fast  Start  Amazon  Machine  Images   h#ps://github.com/Answers4AWS/neClixoss-­‐ansible/wiki/AMIs-­‐for-­‐NeClixOSS   •  Pre-­‐built

     AMIs  for   – Asgard  –  developer  self  service  deployment  console   – Aminator  –  build  system  to  bake  code  onto  AMIs   – Edda  –  historical  configura,on  database   – Eureka  –  service  registry   – Simian  Army  –  Janitor  Monkey,  Chaos  Monkey,   Conformity  Monkey   •  NeClixOSS  Cloud  Prize  Winner   – Produced  by  Answers4aws  –  Peter  Sankauskas  
  34. Fast  Setup  CloudForma,on  Templates   h#p://answersforaws.com/resources/neClixoss/cloudforma,on/   •  CloudForma,on  templates

     for   – Asgard  –  developer  self  service  deployment  console   – Aminator  –  build  system  to  bake  code  onto  AMIs   – Edda  –  historical  configura,on  database   – Eureka  –  service  registry   – Simian  Army  –  Janitor  Monkey  for  cleanup,    
  35. Sewng  up  ICE   •  Visit  github  site  for  instruc,ons

      •  Currently  depends  on  HiCharts   – Non-­‐open  source  package  license   – Free  for  non-­‐commercial  use   – Download  and  license  your  own  copy   – We  can’t  provide  a  pre-­‐built  AMI  –  sorry!   •  Long  term  plan  to  make  ICE  fully  OSS   – Anyone  want  to  help?  
  36. Automa,cally  Baking  AMIs  with   Aminator   •  AutoScaleGroup  instances

     should  be  iden,cal   •  Base  plus  code/config   •  Immutable  instances   •  Works  for  1  or  1000…     •  Aminator  Launch   – Use  Asgard  to  start  AMI  or   – CloudForma,on  Recipe  
  37. Discovering  your  Services  -­‐  Eureka   •  Map  applica,ons  by

     name  to     –  AMI,  instances,  Zones   –  IP  addresses,  URLs,  ports   –  Keep  track  of  healthy,  unhealthy  and  ini,alizing   instances   •  Eureka  Launch   –  Use  Asgard  to  launch  AMI  or  use  CloudForma,on   Template  
  38. Edda   AWS   Instances,   ASGs,  etc.   Eureka

      Services   metadata   Your  Own   Custom   State   Searchable  state  history  for  a  Region  /  Account   Monkeys   Timestamped  delta  cache   of  JSON  describe  call   results  for  anything  of   interest…   Edda  Launch   Use  Asgard  to  launch  AMI  or   use  CloudForma,on  Template    
  39. Edda  Query  Examples   Find  any  instances  that  have  ever

     had  a  specific  public  IP  address! $ curl "http://edda/api/v2/view/instances;publicIpAddress=;_since=0"! ["i-0123456789","i-012345678a","i-012345678b”]! ! Show  the  most  recent  change  to  a  security  group! $ curl "http://edda/api/v2/aws/securityGroups/sg-0123456789;_diff;_all;_limit=2"! --- /api/v2/aws.securityGroups/sg-0123456789;_pp;_at=1351040779810! +++ /api/v2/aws.securityGroups/sg-0123456789;_pp;_at=1351044093504! @@ -1,33 +1,33 @@! {! …! "ipRanges" : [! "",! "",! + "",! - ""! …! }!  
  40. Archaius  library  –  configura,on   management   SimpleDB  or  DynamoDB

     for   NeClixOSS.  NeClix  uses  Cassandra   for  mul,-­‐region…   Based  on  Pytheas.    Not   open  sourced  yet  
  41. Data  Storage  Op,ons   •  RDS  for  MySQL   – 

    Deploy  using  Asgard   •  DynamoDB   –  Fast,  easy  to  setup  and  scales  up  from  a  very  low  cost  base   •  Cassandra   –  Provides  portability,  mul,-­‐region  support,  very  large  scale   –  Storage  model  supports  incremental/immutable  backups   –  Priam:  easy  deploy  automa,on  for  Cassandra  on  AWS  
  42. Priam  –  Cassandra  co-­‐process   •  Runs  alongside  Cassandra  on

     each  instance   •  Fully  distributed,  no  central  master  coordina,on   •  S3  Based  backup  and  recovery  automa,on   •  Bootstrapping  and  automated  token  assignment.   •  Centralized  configura,on  management   •  RESTful  monitoring  and  metrics   •  Underlying  config  in  SimpleDB   –  NeClix  uses  Cassandra  “turtle”  for  Mul,-­‐region  
  43. Astyanax  Cassandra  Client  for  Java   •  Features   – Abstrac,on

     of  connec,on  pool  from  RPC  protocol   – Fluent  Style  API   – Opera,on  retry  with  backoff   – Token  aware   – Batch  manager   – Many  useful  recipes   – En,ty  Mapper  based  on  JPA  annota,ons  
  44. Cassandra  Astyanax  Recipes   •  Distributed  row  lock  (without  needing

     zookeeper)   •  Mul,-­‐region  row  lock   •  Uniqueness  constraint   •  Mul,-­‐row  uniqueness  constraint   •  Chunked  and  mul,-­‐threaded  large  file  storage   •  Reverse  index  search   •  All  rows  query   •  Durable  message  queue   •  Contributed:  High  cardinality  reverse  index  
  45. EVCache  -­‐  Low  latency  data  access   •  mul,-­‐AZ  and

     mul,-­‐Region  replica,on   •  Ephemeral  data,  session  state  (sort  of)   •  Client  code   •  Memcached  
  46. Denominator:  DNS  for  Mul,-­‐Region  Availability   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone

     A   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  B   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  C   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  A   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  B   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  C   Denominator  –  manage  traffic  via  mul,ple  DNS  providers  with  Java  code   Regional  Load  Balancers   Regional  Load  Balancers   UltraDNS   DynECT   DNS   AWS  Route53   Denominator   Zuul  API  Router  
  47. Karyon  -­‐  Common  server  container   • Bootstrapping   o  Dependency

     &  Lifecycle  management  via  Governator.   o  Service  registry  via  Eureka.   o  Property  management  via  Archaius   o  Hooks  for  Latency  Monkey  tes,ng   o  Preconfigured  status  page  and  heathcheck  servlets  
  48. Clean  up  your  room!  –  Janitor  Monkey   Works  with

     Edda  history  to  clean  up  aNer  Asgard  
  49. Conformity  Monkey   Track  and  alert  for  old  code  versions

     and  known  issues   Walks  Karyon  status  pages  found  via  Edda  
  50. Blitz4J  –  Non-­‐blocking  Logging   •  Be#er  handling  of  log

     messages  during  storms   •  Replace  sync  with  concurrent  data  structures.   •  Extreme  configurability   •  Isola,on  of  app  threads  from  logging  threads  
  51. JVM  Garbage  Collec,on  issues?     GCViz!   •  Convenient

      •  Visual   •  Causa,on   •  Clarity   •  Itera,ve  
  52. Pytheas  –  OSS  based  tooling  framework   • Guice   • Jersey

      • FreeMarker   • JQuery   • DataTables   • D3   • JQuery-­‐UI   • Bootstrap  
  53. RxJava  -­‐  Func,onal  Reac,ve  Programming   •  A  Simpler  Approach

     to  Concurrency   –  Use  Observable  as  a  simple  stable  composable  abstrac,on   •  Observable  Service  Layer  enables  any  of   –  condi,onally  return  immediately  from  a  cache   –  block  instead  of  using  threads  if  resources  are  constrained   –  use  mul,ple  threads   –  use  non-­‐blocking  IO   –  migrate  an  underlying  implementa,on  from  network   based  to  in-­‐memory  cache  
  54. 3rd  Party  Sample  App  by  Chris  Fregly   fluxcapacitor.com  

    Flux  Capacitor  is  a  Java-­‐based  reference  app  using:   archaius  (zookeeper-­‐based  dynamic  configura,on)   astyanax  (cassandra  client)   blitz4j  (asynchronous  logging)   curator  (zookeeper  client)   eureka  (discovery  service)   exhibitor  (zookeeper  administra,on)   governator  (guice-­‐based  DI  extensions)   hystrix  (circuit  breaker)   karyon  (common  base  web  service)   ribbon  (eureka-­‐based  REST  client)   servo  (metrics  client)   turbine  (metrics  aggrega,on)   Flux  also  integrates  popular  open  source  tools  such  as  Graphite,  Jersey,  Je#y,  Ne#y,  and  Tomcat.  
  55. Github   NeClixOSS   Source   AWS   Base  AMI

      Maven   Central   Cloudbees   Jenkins   Aminator   Bakery   Dynaslave   AWS  Build   Slaves   Asgard   (+  Frigga)   Console   AWS   Baked  AMIs   Glisten   Workflow  DSL   AWS   Account   NeClixOSS  Con,nuous  Build  and  Deployment  
  56. AWS  Account   Asgard  Console   Archaius     Config

     Service   Cross  region  Priam   C*   Pytheas   Dashboards   Atlas   Monitoring   Genie,  Lips,ck   Hadoop  Services   Ice  –  AWS  Usage   Cost  Monitoring   Mul,ple  AWS  Regions   Eureka  Registry   Exhibitor   Zookeeper   Edda  History   Simian  Army   Zuul  Traffic  Mgr   3  AWS  Zones   Applica,on  Clusters   Autoscale  Groups   Instances   Priam   Cassandra   Persistent  Storage   Evcache   Memcached   Ephemeral  Storage   NeClixOSS  Services  Scope  
  57. • Baked  AMI  –  Tomcat,  Apache,  your  code   • Governator  –

     Guice  based  dependency  injec,on   • Archaius  –  dynamic  configura,on  proper,es  client   • Eureka  -­‐  service  registra,on  client   Ini,aliza,on   • Karyon  -­‐  Base  Server  for  inbound  requests   • RxJava  –  Reac,ve  pa#ern   • Hystrix/Turbine  –  dependencies  and  real-­‐,me  status   • Ribbon  and  Feign  -­‐  REST  Clients  for  outbound  calls   Service   Requests   • Astyanax  –  Cassandra  client  and  pa#ern  library   • Evcache  –  Zone  aware  Memcached  client   • Curator  –  Zookeeper  pa#erns   • Denominator  –  DNS  rou,ng  abstrac,on   Data  Access   • Blitz4j  –  non-­‐blocking  logging   • Servo  –  metrics  export  for  autoscaling   • Atlas  –  high  volume  instrumenta,on   Logging   NeClixOSS  Instance  Libraries  
  58. • CassJmeter  –  Load  tes,ng  for  Cassandra   • Circus  Monkey  –

     Test  account  reserva,on  rebalancing   Test  Tools   • Janitor  Monkey  –  Cleans  up  unused  resources   • Efficiency  Monkey   • Doctor  Monkey   • Howler  Monkey  –  Complains  about  AWS  limits   Maintenance   • Chaos  Monkey  –  Kills  Instances   • Chaos  Gorilla  –    Kills  Availability  Zones   • Chaos  Kong  –  Kills  Regions   • Latency  Monkey  –  Latency  and  error  injec,on   Availability   • Conformity  Monkey  –  architectural  pa#ern  warnings   • Security  Monkey  –  security  group  and  S3  bucket  permissions   Security   NeClixOSS  Tes,ng  and  Automa,on  
  59. Vendor  Driven  Portability   Interest  in  using  NeClixOSS  for  Enterprise

     Private  Clouds   “It’s  done  when  it  runs  Asgard”   Func,onally  complete   Demonstrated  March  2013   Released  June  2013  in  V3.3   Vendor  and  end  user  interest   Openstack  “Heat”  gewng  there   Paypal  C3  Console  based  on  Asgard   IBM  Example  applica,on  “Acme  Air”   Based  on  NeClixOSS  running  on  AWS   Ported  to  IBM  SoNlayer  with  Rightscale  
  60. Some  of  the  companies  using   NeClixOSS   (There  are

     many  more,  please  send  us  your  logo!)  
  61. Use  NeClixOSS  to  scale  your  startup  or  enterprise    

    Contribute  to  exis,ng  github  projects  and  add  your  own  
  62. Availability   Is  it  running  yet?   How  many  places

     is  it  running  in?   How  far  apart  are  those  places?  
  63. NeClix  Outages   •  Running  very  fast  with  scissors  

    –  Mostly  self  inflicted  –  bugs,  mistakes  from  pace  of  change   –  Some  caused  by  AWS  bugs  and  mistakes   •  Incident  Life-­‐cycle  Management  by  PlaCorm  Team   –  No  runbooks,  no  opera,onal  changes  by  the  SREs   –  Tools  to  iden,fy  what  broke  and  call  the  right  developer   •  Next  step  is  mul,-­‐region  ac,ve/ac,ve   –  Inves,ga,ng  and  building  in  stages  during  2013   –  Could  have  prevented  some  of  our  2012  outages  
  64. Incidents  –  Impact  and  Mi,ga,on   PR   X  Incidents

      CS   XX  Incidents   Metrics  impact  –  Feature  disable   XXX  Incidents   No  Impact  –  fast  retry  or  automated  failover   XXXX  Incidents   Public  Rela,ons   Media    Impact   High  Customer   Service  Calls   Affects  AB   Test  Results   Y  incidents  mi,gated  by  Ac,ve   Ac,ve,  game  day  prac,cing   YY  incidents   mi,gated  by   be#er  tools  and   prac,ces   YYY  incidents   mi,gated  by  be#er   data  tagging  
  65. Real  Web  Server  Dependencies  Flow   (NeClix  Home  page  business

     transac,on  as  seen  by  AppDynamics)   Start  Here   memcached   Cassandra   Web  service   S3  bucket   Personaliza,on  movie  group  choosers   (for  US,  Canada  and  Latam)   Each  icon  is   three  to  a  few   hundred   instances   across  three   AWS  zones  
  66. Three  Balanced  Availability  Zones   Test  with  Chaos  Gorilla  

    Cassandra  and  Evcache   Replicas   Zone  A   Cassandra  and  Evcache   Replicas   Zone  B   Cassandra  and  Evcache   Replicas   Zone  C   Load  Balancers  
  67. Isolated  Regions   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  A   Cassandra

     Replicas   Zone  B   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  C   US-­‐East  Load  Balancers   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  A   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  B   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  C   EU-­‐West  Load  Balancers  
  68. Highly  Available  NoSQL  Storage   A  highly  scalable,  available  and

      durable  deployment  pa#ern  based   on  Apache  Cassandra  
  69. Single  Func,on  Micro-­‐Service  Pa#ern   One  keyspace,  replaces  a  single

     table  or  materialized  view   Single  func,on  Cassandra   Cluster  Managed  by  Priam   Between  6  and  288  nodes   Stateless  Data  Access  REST  Service   Astyanax  Cassandra  Client   Op,onal   Datacenter   Update  Flow   Many  Different  Single-­‐Func,on  REST  Clients   Each  icon  represents  a  horizontally  scaled  service  of  three  to   hundreds  of  instances  deployed  over  three  availability  zones   Over  60  Cassandra  clusters   Over  2000  nodes   Over  300TB  data   Over  1M  writes/s/cluster  
  70. Stateless  Micro-­‐Service  Architecture   Linux  Base  AMI  (CentOS  or  Ubuntu)

      Op,onal   Apache   frontend,   memcached,   non-­‐java   apps   Monitoring   Logging     Atlas     Java  (JDK  6  or  7)   Java   monitoring   GC  and   thread  dump   logging   Tomcat   Applica,on  war  file,  base   servlet,  plaCorm,  client   interface  jars,  Astyanax   Healthcheck,  status   servlets,  JMX  interface,   Servo  autoscale  
  71. Cassandra  Instance  Architecture   Linux  Base  AMI  (CentOS  or  Ubuntu)

      Tomcat  and   Priam  on  JDK   Healthcheck,   Status   Monitoring   Logging   Atlas     Java  (JDK  7)   Java   monitoring   GC  and   thread  dump   logging   Cassandra  Server   Local  Ephemeral  Disk  Space  –  2TB  of  SSD  or  1.6TB   disk  holding  Commit  log  and  SSTables  
  72. Apache  Cassandra   •  Scalable  and  Stable  in  large  deployments

      –  No  addi,onal  license  cost  for  large  scale!   –  Op,mized  for  “OLTP”  vs.  Hbase  op,mized  for  “DSS”   •  Available  during  Par,,on  (AP  from  CAP)   –  Hinted  handoff  repairs  most  transient  issues   –  Read-­‐repair  and  periodic  repair  keep  it  clean   •  Quorum  and  Client  Generated  Timestamp   –  Read  aNer  write  consistency  with  2  of  3  copies   –  Latest  version  includes  Paxos  for  stronger  transac,ons  
  73. Astyanax  -­‐  Cassandra  Write  Data  Flows   Single  Region,  Mul,ple

     Availability  Zone,  Token  Aware   Token   Aware   Clients   Cassandra   • Disks   • Zone  A   Cassandra   • Disks   • Zone  B   Cassandra   • Disks   • Zone  C   Cassandra   • Disks   • Zone  A   Cassandra   • Disks   • Zone  B   Cassandra   • Disks   • Zone  C   1.  Client  Writes  to  local   coordinator   2.  Coodinator  writes  to   other  zones   3.  Nodes  return  ack   4.  Data  wri#en  to   internal  commit  log   disks  (no  more  than   10  seconds  later)   If  a  node  goes  offline,   hinted  handoff   completes  the  write   when  the  node  comes   back  up.     Requests  can  choose  to   wait  for  one  node,  a   quorum,  or  all  nodes  to   ack  the  write     SSTable  disk  writes  and   compac,ons  occur   asynchronously   1 4   4   4 2   3   3   3   2  
  74. Data  Flows  for  Mul,-­‐Region  Writes   Token  Aware,  Consistency  Level

     =  Local  Quorum   US   Clients   Cassandra   •  Disks   •  Zone  A   Cassandra   •  Disks   •  Zone  B   Cassandra   •  Disks   •  Zone  C   Cassandra   •  Disks   •  Zone  A   Cassandra   •  Disks   •  Zone  B   Cassandra   •  Disks   •  Zone  C   1.  Client  writes  to  local  replicas   2.  Local  write  acks  returned  to   Client  which  con,nues  when   2  of  3  local  nodes  are   commi#ed   3.  Local  coordinator  writes  to   remote  coordinator.     4.  When  data  arrives,  remote   coordinator  node  acks  and   copies  to  other  remote  zones   5.  Remote  nodes  ack  to  local   coordinator   6.  Data  flushed  to  internal   commit  log  disks  (no  more   than  10  seconds  later)   If  a  node  or  region  goes  offline,  hinted  handoff   completes  the  write  when  the  node  comes  back  up.   Nightly  global  compare  and  repair  jobs  ensure   everything  stays  consistent.   EU   Clients   Cassandra   •  Disks   •  Zone  A   Cassandra   •  Disks   •  Zone  B   Cassandra   •  Disks   •  Zone  C   Cassandra   •  Disks   •  Zone  A   Cassandra   •  Disks   •  Zone  B   Cassandra   •  Disks   •  Zone  C   6   5   5   6   6   4   4   4   1   6   6   6   2   2   2   3   100+ms  latency  
  75. Scalability  from  48  to  288  nodes  on  AWS   h#p://techblog.neClix.com/2011/11/benchmarking-­‐cassandra-­‐scalability-­‐on.html

      174373   366828   537172   1099837   0   200000   400000   600000   800000   1000000   1200000   0   50   100   150   200   250   300   350   Client  Writes/s  by  node  count  –  Replica9on  Factor  =  3   Used  288  of  m1.xlarge   4  CPU,  15  GB  RAM,  8  ECU   Cassandra  0.86   Benchmark  config  only   existed  for  about  1hr  
  76. Cassandra  Disk  vs.  SSD  Benchmark   Same  Throughput,  Lower  Latency,

     Half  Cost   h#p://techblog.neClix.com/2012/07/benchmarking-­‐high-­‐performance-­‐io-­‐with.html  
  77. 2013  -­‐  Cross  Region  Use  Cases   •  Geographic  Isola,on

      – US  to  Europe  replica,on  of  subscriber  data   – Read  intensive,  low  update  rate   – Produc,on  use  since  late  2011   •  Redundancy  for  regional  failover   – US  East  to  US  West  replica,on  of  everything   – Includes  write  intensive  data,  high  update  rate   – Tes,ng  now  
  78. Benchmarking  Global  Cassandra   Write  intensive  test  of  cross  region

     replica,on  capacity   16  x  hi1.4xlarge  SSD  nodes  per  zone  =  96  total   192  TB  of  SSD  in  six  loca,ons  up  and  running  Cassandra  in  20  minutes   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  A   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  B   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  C   US-­‐West-­‐2  Region  -­‐  Oregon   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  A   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  B   Cassandra  Replicas   Zone  C   US-­‐East-­‐1  Region  -­‐  Virginia   Test   Load   Test   Load   Valida,on   Load   Inter-­‐Zone  Traffic   1  Million  writes   CL.ONE  (wait  for   one  replica  to  ack)   1  Million  reads   ANer  500ms   CL.ONE  with  no   Data  loss   Inter-­‐Region  Traffic   Up  to  9Gbits/s,  83ms   18TB   backups   from  S3  
  79. Copying  18TB  from  East  to  West   Cassandra  bootstrap  9.3

     Gbit/s  single  threaded  48  nodes  to  48  nodes   Thanks  to  boundary.com  for  these  network  analysis  plots  
  80. Ramp  Up  Load  Un,l  It  Breaks!   Unmodified  tuning,  dropping

     client  data  at  1.93GB/s  inter  region  traffic   Spare  CPU,  IOPS,  Network,  just  need  some  Cassandra  tuning  for  more  
  81. Failure  Modes  and  Effects   Failure  Mode   Probability  

    Current  Mi9ga9on  Plan   Applica,on  Failure   High   Automa,c  degraded  response   AWS  Region  Failure   Low   Ac,ve-­‐Ac,ve  mul,-­‐region  deployment   AWS  Zone  Failure   Medium   Con,nue  to  run  on  2  out  of  3  zones   Datacenter  Failure   Medium   Migrate  more  func,ons  to  cloud   Data  store  failure   Low   Restore  from  S3  backups   S3  failure   Low   Restore  from  remote  archive   Un,l  we  got  really  good  at  mi,ga,ng  high  and  medium   probability  failures,  the  ROI  for  mi,ga,ng  regional   failures  didn’t  make  sense.  Gewng  there…  
  82. Cloud  Security   Fine  grain  security  rather  than  perimeter  

    Leveraging  AWS  Scale  to  resist  DDOS  a#acks   Automated  a#ack  surface  monitoring  and  tes,ng   h#p://www.slideshare.net/jason_chan/resilience-­‐and-­‐security-­‐scale-­‐lessons-­‐learned  
  83. Security  Architecture   •  Instance  Level  Security  baked  into  base

     AMI   –  Login:  ssh  only  allowed  via  portal  (not  between  instances)   –  Each  app  type  runs  as  its  own  userid  app{test|prod}   •  AWS  Security,  Iden,ty  and  Access  Management   –  Each  app  has  its  own  security  group  (firewall  ports)   –  Fine  grain  user  roles  and  resource  ACLs   •  Key  Management   –  AWS  Keys  dynamically  provisioned,  easy  updates   –  High  grade  app  specific  key  management  using  HSM  
  84. Cost-­‐Aware   Cloud  Architectures   Based  on  slides  jointly  developed

     with   Jinesh  Varia   @jinman   Technology  Evangelist  
  85. NeClix  Examples   •  European  Launch  using  AWS  Ireland  

    –  No  employees  in  Ireland,  no  provisioning  delay,  everything   worked   –  No  need  to  do  detailed  capacity  planning   –  Over-­‐provisioned  on  day  1,  shrunk  to  fit  aNer  a  few  days   –  Capacity  grows  as  needed  for  addi,onal  country  launches   •  Brazilian  Proxy  Experiment   –  No  employees  in  Brazil,  no  “mee,ngs  with  IT”   –  Deployed  instances  into  two  zones  in  AWS  Brazil   –  Experimented  with  network  proxy  op,miza,on   –  Decided  that  gain  wasn’t  enough,  shut  everything  down  
  86. #1  Business  Agility  by  Rapid  Experimenta9on  =  Profit   Key

     Takeaways  on  Cost-­‐Aware  Architectures….  
  87. 1 5 9 13 17 21 25 29 33 37

    41 45 49 Web Servers Week Optimize during a year 50% Savings Weekly  CPU  Load  
  88. 50%+  Cost  Saving   Scale  up/down   by  70%+  

    Move  to  Load-­‐Based  Scaling  
  89. Other  simple  op,miza,on  ,ps   •  Don’t  forget  to…  

    – Disassociate  unused  EIPs   – Delete  unassociated  Amazon   EBS  volumes   – Delete  older  Amazon  EBS   snapshots   – Leverage  Amazon  S3  Object   Expira,on     Janitor  Monkey  cleans  up  unused  resources  
  90. #1  Business  Agility  by  Rapid  Experimenta9on  =  Profit   #2

     Business-­‐driven  Auto  Scaling  Architectures  =  Savings     Building  Cost-­‐Aware  Cloud  Architectures  
  91. When  Comparing  TCO…   Make  sure  that   you  are

     including   all  the  cost  factors   into  considera,on   Place   Power   Pipes   People   Pa3erns  
  92. Save  more  when  you  reserve   On-­‐demand   Instances  

    •  Pay  as  you  go   •  Starts  from   $0.02/Hour   Reserved   Instances   •  One  ,me  low   upfront  fee  +   Pay  as  you  go   •  $23  for  1  year   term  and   $0.01/Hour   1-­‐year  and   3-­‐year  terms   Light   U,liza,on  RI   Medium   U,liza,on  RI   Heavy   U,liza,on  RI  
  93. U9liza9on   (Up9me)   Ideal  For   Savings  over  

    On-­‐Demand   10%  -­‐  40%   (>3.5  <  5.5  months/ year)   Disaster  Recovery   (Lowest  Upfront)   56%   40%  -­‐  75%   (>5.5  <  7  months/year)   Standard  Reserved   Capacity   66%   >75%   (>7  months/year)   Baseline  Servers   (Lowest  Total  Cost)   71%   Break-­‐even  point   served   stances   ,me  low   nt  fee  +   s  you  go   or  1  year   and  $0.01/ 1-­‐year  and  3-­‐ year  terms   Light   U,liza,on  RI   Medium   U,liza,on  RI   Heavy   U,liza,on  RI  
  94. Mix  and  Match  Reserved  Types  and  On-­‐Demand   Instances  

    Days  of  Month   0 2 4 6 8 10 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Heavy  Utilization  Reserved Instances Light  RI Light  RI Light  RI Light  RI On-­‐Demand
  95. NeClix  Concept  for  Regional  Failover   Capacity   West  Coast

      Light   Reserva,ons   Heavy   Reserva,ons   East  Coast   Light   Reserva,ons   Heavy   Reserva,ons   Normal   Use   Failover   Use  
  96. #1  Business  Agility  by  Rapid  Experimenta9on  =  Profit   #2

     Business-­‐driven  Auto  Scaling  Architectures  =  Savings     #3  Mix  and  Match  Reserved  Instances  with  On-­‐Demand  =  Savings   Building  Cost-­‐Aware  Cloud  Architectures  
  97. Variety  of  Applica,ons  and  Environments   Produc9on  Fleet   Dev

     Fleet   Test  Fleet   Staging/QA   Perf  Fleet   DR  Site     Every  Applica9on  has….     Every  Company  has….     Business  App  Fleet   Marke9ng  Site   Intranet  Site   BI  App   Mul9ple  Products   Analy9cs    
  98. Consolidated  Billing:  Single  payer  for  a  group  of   accounts

      •  One  Bill  for  mul,ple  accounts   •  Easy  Tracking  of  account   charges  (e.g.,  download  CSV  of   cost  data)   •  Volume  Discounts  can  be   reached  faster  with  combined   usage   •  Reserved  Instances  are  shared   across  accounts  (including  RDS   Reserved  DBs)  
  99. Over-­‐Reserve  the  Produc,on  Environment   Produc,on  Env.   Account  

    100  Reserved   QA/Staging  Env.   Account   0  Reserved     Perf  Tes,ng  Env.   Account   0  Reserved     Development  Env.   Account   0  Reserved   Storage  Account   0  Reserved   Total  Capacity  
  100. Consolidated  Billing  Borrows  Unused  Reserva,ons   Produc,on  Env.   Account

      68  Used   QA/Staging  Env.   Account   10  Borrowed   Perf  Tes,ng  Env.   Account   6  Borrowed     Development  Env.   Account   12  Borrowed   Storage  Account   4  Borrowed   Total  Capacity  
  101. Consolidated  Billing  Advantages   •  Produc,on  account  is  guaranteed  to

     get  burst  capacity   –  Reserva,on  is  higher  than  normal  usage  level   –  Requests  for  more  capacity  always  work  up  to  reserved   limit   –  Higher  availability  for  handling  unexpected  peak  demands   •  No  addi,onal  cost   –  Other  lower  priority  accounts  soak  up  unused  reserva,ons   –  Totals  roll  up  in  the  monthly  billing  cycle  
  102. #1  Business  Agility  by  Rapid  Experimenta9on  =  Profit   #2

     Business-­‐driven  Auto  Scaling  Architectures  =  Savings     #3  Mix  and  Match  Reserved  Instances  with  On-­‐Demand  =  Savings   #4  Consolidated  Billing  and  Shared  Reserva9ons  =  Savings   Building  Cost-­‐Aware  Cloud  Architectures  
  103. Con,nuous  op,miza,on  in  your   architecture  results  in    

    recurring  savings     as  early  as  your  next  month’s  bill  
  104. Right-­‐size  your  cloud:  Use  only  what  you  need   • 

    An  instance  type   for  every  purpose   •  Assess  your   memory  &  CPU   requirements   –  Fit  your   applica,on  to   the  resource   –  Fit  the  resource   to  your   applica,on   •  Only  use  a  larger   instance  when   needed  
  105. Reserved  Instance  Marketplace   Buy  a  smaller  term  instance  

    Buy  instance  with  different  OS  or  type   Buy  a  Reserved  instance  in  different  region   Sell  your  unused  Reserved  Instance   Sell  unwanted  or  over-­‐bought  capacity   Further  reduce  costs  by  op9mizing  
  106. Instance  Type  Op,miza,on   Older  m1  and  m2  families  

    •  Slower  CPUs   •  Higher  response  ,mes   •  Smaller  caches  (6MB)   •  Oldest  m1.xl  15GB/8ECU/48c   •  Old  m2.xl  17GB/6.5ECU/41c   •  ~16  ECU/$/hr   Latest  m3  family   •  Faster  CPUs   •  Lower  response  ,mes   •  Bigger  caches  (20MB)   •  Even  faster  for  Java  vs.  ECU   •  New  m3.xl  15GB/13  ECU/50c   •  26  ECU/$/hr  –  62%  be#er!   •  Java  measured  even  higher   •  Deploy  fewer  instances  
  107. #1  Business  Agility  by  Rapid  Experimenta9on  =  Profit   #2

     Business-­‐driven  Auto  Scaling  Architectures  =  Savings     #3  Mix  and  Match  Reserved  Instances  with  On-­‐Demand  =  Savings   #4  Consolidated  Billing  and  Shared  Reserva9ons  =  Savings   #5  Always-­‐on  Instance  Type  Op9miza9on  =  Recurring  Savings   Building  Cost-­‐Aware  Cloud  Architectures  
  108. Follow  the  Customer  (Run  web  servers)  during  the  day  

    Follow  the  Money  (Run  Hadoop  clusters)  at  night   0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun No  of  Instances  Running   Week Auto  Scaling  Servers Hadoop  Servers No.  of  Reserved   Instances  
  109. Soaking  up  unused  reserva,ons   Unused  reserved  instances  is  published

     as  a  metric     NeClix  Data  Science  ETL  Workload   •  Daily  business  metrics  roll-­‐up   •  Starts  aNer  midnight   •  EMR  clusters  started  using  hundreds  of  instances   NeClix  Movie  Encoding  Workload   •  Long  queue  of  high  and  low  priority  encoding  jobs   •  Can  soak  up  1000’s  of  addi,onal  unused  instances  
  110. #1  Business  Agility  by  Rapid  Experimenta9on  =  Profit   #2

     Business-­‐driven  Auto  Scaling  Architectures  =  Savings     #3  Mix  and  Match  Reserved  Instances  with  On-­‐Demand  =  Savings   #4  Consolidated  Billing  and  Shared  Reserva9ons  =  Savings   #5  Always-­‐on  Instance  Type  Op9miza9on  =  Recurring  Savings   Building  Cost-­‐Aware  Cloud  Architectures   #6  Follow  the  Customer  (Run  web  servers)  during  the  day   Follow  the  Money  (Run  Hadoop  clusters)  at  night  
  111. Takeaways    Cloud  Na1ve  Manages  Scale  and  Complexity  at  Speed

        Ne9lixOSS  makes  it  easier  for  everyone  to  become  Cloud  Na1ve     Rethink  deployments  and  turn  things  off  to  save  money!     h#p://neClix.github.com   h#p://techblog.neClix.com   h#p://slideshare.net/NeClix     h#p://www.linkedin.com/in/adriancockcroN     @adrianco  @NeClixOSS  @benjchristensen