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BIG - JIRA - Agile by Antons Sapriko

BIG - JIRA - Agile by Antons Sapriko

Field experiences and many observations for the Agile adaptations in various programming set-ups. Some of them has been catastrophic, others very successful.

What makes not standard waterfall models to fail or ether to be successful? Is it determined by the size, by customer or by developer teams? How agile can be used to avoid chaos and cost overrun at any parties side?

Agile Latvia

April 26, 2014

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  1. BIG – Jira - Agile
    Antons Sapriko

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  2. Assumptions
    • Use Jira or want to use it
    • Run or want to run Agile / Scrum
    • Are or will face projects of 2000-4000+ hours
    (1-2 man / years)

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  3. Why?
    • Works for us, web development, 60 people
    • Can efficiently finish within budget and
    deadline projects of large and differentiated
    • Competitive advantage, methodology helped
    to win US / Canada large projects

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  6. Idea cloud ->Jira

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  7. Ideas / Issues -> Sprint
    • See, some 20 issues out of 500 ;(
    • Other issues can not be seen by their status
    easily ;(
    • Sprint board shows current sprint issues ;(
    • Other issues are seen in Planning mode in one
    long list ;(

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  8. Are all issues in back log
    specified? Where I will refine
    and specify them? How to
    dominate these cloud of 500
    issues in different states?

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  9. Solution 1 - Board for Backlog
    • Kanban board, only it allows to see all issues
    in one board
    • Move them from new -> discovery ->
    specification -> client action (->on hold?) ->
    • Helps to cycle 500+ items from “idea” to

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  11. Solution 2 - Hierarchy
    • Components
    – Epics
    • Issues
    • Filters based on components
    • Swimlanes based on epics

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  14. Agile?
    • No need to specify entire project before
    moving to development, can do it by
    component / select issues for phase I
    • Ability to change direction of a project within
    hours without loosing control
    • Accountability – all is transparent and

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  16. Big Picture Board

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  17. Big Picture Board

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  19. Sum up
    • Components / Epics hierarcgy
    • Backlog board with discovery and
    specification related statuses and columns
    • Communication in Basecamp
    • Project wiki in Confluence for specified issues
    • Big Picture Board

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