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Telco case: clash of agile project and waterfall organisation by Vladimir Ivanov

Telco case: clash of agile project and waterfall organisation by Vladimir Ivanov

Let's focus on practical case analysis and avoid general statements you can hear on any agile conference.
I will become a storyteller and will share a set of stories, representing lessons learned from runnung an agile project in a waterfall-based telecom culture.

I will also give a clear understanding what was a project setup. What was done differently from the enterprise waterfall-based project management standard? What agile principles and specific practices were applied? What were tangible benefits to the business from the situation where one project team became "outlaws" of the corporate culture.

Moreover, I will share the challenges and lessons learned related to both phases - the transfer project and further operations and development of the Service Desk function.

Agile Latvia

April 26, 2014

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  1. Vladimirs Ivanovs, IPMA-B, Assessor, ITIL Expert, Trainer-Consultant Clash of Agile

    project and waterfall organisation Telco Case: Nearshore Service Desk development story
  2. Gate model Source: Gate model overview Project Closure and Commercial

    Launch Project Implementation Start Project/ Feasibility Start Project Implementation Completed Project Change Project Inception Start Feasibility Phase Inception Phase Implementation Phase Handover Phase
  3. 3. Ortodox QA Project documentation review: • QA is 'not

    recommending approval of Gate 2 remains by similar reasons - mainly due to ambiguities concerning scope and time plan‘ • PM expressed project group's view on necessity to use more agile approach and put more energy into action instead of digging into plan&scope definitions infinitely, what have ended in: • '...Reviewer and Project Manager have different views on - level of detail and clarity which should expressed in these documents and - the way of describing deliverables...'
  4. What w orked & What didn’t • MVP, Pull •

    Frequent Deliveries • Physical Kanban board • Weekly video conf. • War-room • Fixed time & budget • Focus on value-to- business, cost • Passing QA criteria • Schedules, estimates • LeanKit tool • Daily stand-ups / telco • Cross-cultural aspects • Fixed scope • Integration, dependencies on other projects
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