Ops for Developers – Monitoring with Prometheus

Ops for Developers – Monitoring with Prometheus

With DevOps developing an application is no longer enough. Developers need to take responsibility for their applications in production. Monitoring is the key to find out how your application performs in production.
Prometheus provides developers with tools to get started in this domain easily: Expose your application's metrics in a URL, and then pull the data to fill dashboards and trigger alerts. This monitoring doesn't interfere with existing monitoring, and different teams are able to use separate monitoring instances to process the information they need. All configurations live in checked-in YAML files so they can be easily tested locally on a developer’s machine and published to staging environments.
This talk shows you to get started by exposing metrics of your infrastructure and applications and monitoring them in Prometheus for alerts and graph them using Grafana.


Alexander Schwartz

January 23, 2017