March 2019 #SWDchallenge: Who Donates?

March 2019 #SWDchallenge: Who Donates?

WHO DONATES? How are donations distributed across countries? Who donates to whom? Are there any patterns, for example some group of countries tends to donate only to some specific group of other countries? Or maybe some countries tend to receive only from a specific set of countries?

HOW MUCH DO THEY DONATE? How much do countries donate and receive? Who donates the most/least? Are there countries that donate and also receive? How does the amount donated/received by country change over time?

WHY DO THEY DONATE? Do countries tend to send (or receive) donations for specific reasons? For instance, is it possible that some countries tend to receive/send certain type of donations whereas other receive/send different types?


Anthony Starks

March 10, 2019