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CMNS 801 - Intro to Tableau

CMNS 801 - Intro to Tableau

Alberto Lusoli

January 13, 2021

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  1. Exploratory Data Analysis Is a strategy of data analysis that

    emphasizes maintaining an open mind to alternative possibilities. Not standalone - Triangulation
  2. Digital methods, then, propose that social research should take advantage

    of the analytic and empirical capacities that are ‘embedded in online media’. These can be adapted to purposes of social research, by developing online research tools that run on top of web devices Marres, N. (2012). The redistribution of methods: On intervention in digital social research, broadly conceived. Sociological Review, 60(SUPPL. 1), 139–165.
  3. Connect a new source: CSV text file Click on Text

    File and select the dataset previously downloaded
  4. Dimensions And Measures Dimensions contain qualitative values (such as names,

    dates, or geographical data). You can use dimensions to categorize, segment, and reveal the details in your data. Dimensions affect the level of detail in the view. Measures contain numeric, quantitative values that you can measure. You can apply calculations to them and aggregate them.
  5. Where is public art in Vancouver? Select Latitude and Longitude

    (CTRL + Click / CMD + Click for multiple selection) Click Show Me map Icon
  6. Ncapture for Nvivo Quick&Dirty application for collecting tweets, FB posts,

    youtube comments and webpages Install the Chrome Extension
  7. Ncapture for Nvivo When done, you should see a new

    icon on your extensions list (click the More Option if it does not appear in the toolbar)
  8. Supported data Webpages (PDF) Twitter tweets (hashtags, individual profiles tweets)

    FB pages posts and comments Youtube comments (PC version only)
  9. Capturing a page Go to the page you want to

    capture Click on the Ncapture Select Webpage as PDF Check the progress in the Chrome Capture page In Nvivo, go to Sources > internal And click Import from Ncapture If the captured page does not appear in the list, check the Download folder
  10. Capturing Tweets Login on yourTwitter account Search for something or

    visit a Twitter profile page Click the Ncapture Icon Select “Tweets as Dataset” Authorize the App Check progress page (stop the collection as some point..) Go to Nvivo and, as done previously, import the Dataset as an Internal Source
  11. Capturing FB posts Go to a Facebook page (while being

    logged in) and follow the same steps done for Twitter. Collect as Dataset Authorize the app Let NCapture collect data Import the Dataset as an Internal source in Nvivo Can you think of privacy and confidentiality issues?
  12. Build your own archive Webrecorder.io Archive webpages Archive infinite scroll

    pages Download archives and visualize them with Webrecorder Player http://rhizome.org/software/