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How Technology Can Change Food Logistics

How Technology Can Change Food Logistics

Efficiency can be made using technology, including in food logistics. "Lazy economy" enables new services that can help us collect and harness data from customers, thus enabling data-driven business.

Ali Akbar S.

April 13, 2018

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  1. Introduc on Ali Akbar Sep andri Co‐founder of ITIK Labs

    Lecturer at Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia Educa on MSc Ar ficial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh BSc Informa cs, Ins tut Teknologi Bandung
  2. It consists of... Procurement In‐Bound Logis cs Parts Inventory Manufacturing

    Finished Goods Inventory Fulfillment (customer's order to delivery) Out‐Bound Logis cs
  3. It is one con nuous process and that a delay

    or failure at any point will ripple through the system and prevent efficient execu on. ~ Bill Vorhies (2015) “ “
  4. A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Inventory Replenishment in Vendor‐Managed Inventory

    Systems With Consignment Inventory ~ Sui et al. (2015) “ “