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Communicating Experiences with UX Comics

July 18, 2014

Communicating Experiences with UX Comics

Slides from my workshop at UX Bristol 2014


July 18, 2014

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  1. “A lengthy description of a glass of water is no

    substitute for the experience of drinking a glass of water”! Ivan BRUNETTI!
  2. TyPES OF NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION Facial expressions: smiling, frowning, scowling! !

    Eye contact: gaze, eye movements, pupil size! ! Body language: posture, open/closed actions! ! Gestures: hand movements, speed, flow! ! Speech: tone of voice, speed ! !
  3. “Words and pictures can combine to create effects that neither

    could create separately”! Scott McCLOUD!
  4. TASK! Get into pairs.! Interview each other about the last

    photo you took on your phone (nothing rude please!).! You need to understand the whole process your partner went through to take the photo.! Make sure you take notes!! ! Later on: You will use this to make a comic that shows how they took the photo.!
  5. TASK! Draw FIVE empty circles in a line! Happy sad

    Neutral Draw a SAD face in circle one, ! then a slightly LESS SAD face in circle two…! continue until you reach a HAPPY face!
  6. TASK! Draw a skeleton showing an emotion! Use BODY LANGUAGE

    to communicate the emotion! Happy sad surprised excited ANGRy sleepy Confused proud nervous confident
  7. “Comics have a vocabulary that doesn't even require language. In

    fact, many of its symbols could be considered a language of their own that requires no teaching or explanation”! Kevin CHENG ‘See what I mean’!
  8. SCENE SETTING Key rules to note: • Use simple props

    to set the scene! • A few, key items are better than loads of detail (it just creates noise)! • Consider each item’s role in the story! !
  9. THE FIVE C’S OF COMICS Calligraphy! ! Composition! ! Clarity!

    ! Consistency! ! Communication! By Ivan Brunetti
  10. TASK! Looking at your interview notes:! ! -  What is

    the story here? ! -  How can it be summarised into a single image?! -  What dialogue (if any) is needed?! -  Plan how you will lay out the elements in your panel – do at least three thumbnail sketches before starting your actual panel! -  Once you’ve planned it DRAW IT!!
  11. TASK! Get feedback!:! ! -  Show your partner your comic

    panel and ask for feedback! ! How would you do it differently? Why?!
  12. Across the UK and around the world there have been

    over 80 colloquial names recorded that people use to describe this common land-based crustacean. How woodlice can help your website The humble woodlouse is known by many names Depending on where you go, you can hear people talking about woodlice using vastly different names, for instance: 'slater' (scotland), 'Grammersow' (cornwall) and even 'Boat Builder' (CANADA). Did you know? roly poly Slater Butcher boy But why should this matter to you?
  13. ESSENTIAL READING Understanding Comics, Scott McCLOUD! Making Comics, Scott McCLOUD!

    See What I Mean, Kevin CHENG! Cartooning: Philosophy & Practice, Ivan BRUNETTI! ! TOOLS Comic Life, Plasq! !
  14. COMPETITION TIME! Make another SINGLE PANEL COMIC where you solve

    any problems your partner had taking their photo. ! Tweet @almostexact photos of your comic with the hashtag #UXBristol! The comic with the most re-tweets by 12noon tomorrow will get a prize J! ! AKA ‘Homework’