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Comics are Real Work - dsgnday Amsterdam 11/11/14

November 11, 2014

Comics are Real Work - dsgnday Amsterdam 11/11/14

Slides from my session at dsgnday Amsterdam. An introduction to using comics as a communication tool in organisations.


November 11, 2014

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  1. … they currently have a well developed customer base of

    professional photographers… …but they want to increase the number of amateur photographers shopping with them.
  2. •  ‘Bob’ wants to buy a new compact camera. • 

    He’s shopped around , but has been overwhelmed by the variety and choice of cameras. •  He doesn’t want a lot of fancy features, but he does care about the image quality . •  He has up to £100 to spend. •  He is looking for help to make a decision.
  3. •  Bob wants to buy a new camera because his

    current one has broken. He wants to replace his camera before he goes on holiday . •  He has looked on several websites, but has been overwhelmed by the choice. He needs help to refine appropriate cameras into a more manageable shortlist, or even to find the best one for him. •  The site or app needs to allow him to control his searching and browsing so he can manage the volume of results. It needs to give him choice but not overwhelm him. •  He needs to be able to look at cameras based on their size (he wants it to be compact), their image quality (it needs to take nice pictures) and its price (it must be under £100).
  4. 1. Introduce Bob 2. Bob’s camera has broken 3. Bob

    looks for cameras online 4. Bob gets overwhelmed 5. Bob finds The Camera Shop 6. Bob finds ‘The Compact Camera’ finder 7. Bob filters compact cameras by price and size 8. Bob finds a camera he is interested in 9. Bob browses photos taken with the camera from Flickr 10. Bob feels satisfied and purchases the camera