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What is Business Development ? 什麼是商業開發?

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October 13, 2014

What is Business Development ? 什麼是商業開發?

Business Development (BD)是目前國外炙手可熱的商業人才
但你對 BD 這角色認識有多少?
是 Sales? 是 行銷?還是PR?
BD 對公司的價值又是什麼?

特別請到前 YAHOO! 奇摩台灣區董事總經理陳建銘 Frank Chen
帶你接軌國際,瞭解什麼是 BD



October 13, 2014


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  4. What is BD? 3 Business Development What is your business?

    How to develop it?
  5. What is your business? 4 Business • What is your

    product/service?! • What is the problem you are solving?! • What is the user needs your are fulfilling or creating?
  6. What is your business? 5 Business • Is it REAL?

  7. What is your business? 6 Business • What is your

    solution to it?! ! • Is there other options?
  8. What is your business? 7 Business • Why you?! !

    • What is the core competence of your team?
  9. How to develop it? 8 Development • What is the

    nature of the business?! ! • What does it take to kick off the business?
  10. Nature of a Business 9 Supply Solution Demand

  11. Nature of a Business 10 Supply Solution Demand Airbnb Uber

    Groupon Yahoo ASAP Vpon Gomaji
  12. How about yours? 11 Supply Solution Demand

  13. 12 Supply Business • Define the problem / needs you

    are solving.! • Know the market you are stepping in.! • Got to be very strong at one of the three.! • Find partners that is strong at another one.! • When you have two in hand, the third one will come to you. Development Solution Demand
  14. Who is the right partner? • Do you have common

    goals?! • Is the partnership mutually beneficial?! • Do they have sufficient resource?! • Do they care the partnership as you do?! • What is your cost? Explicit & implicit! • What is the right structure of partnership?! • Terms?! • Do you need to talk to other partners?! • Is the partnership sustainable? 13
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