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Kristin Fishburn: Change Detection Research for US Topo Maps

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October 14, 2014

Kristin Fishburn: Change Detection Research for US Topo Maps

Kristin Fishburn, USGS



October 14, 2014


  1. Change  Detec+on  Research  for   US  Topo  Maps   Na+onal

     Geospa+al  Technical  Opera+ons  Center   NACIS  Conference:  9  October  2014   Kris+n  Fishburn      Andy  Stauffer   kafishburn@usgs.gov      astauffer@usgs.gov   (303)  202-­‐4405      (303)  202-­‐4534  
  2.          NACIS  2014      9  Oct

     2014   US  Topo  Maps  Background   Digital  USGS  Topographic  Map  Product   •   Modeled  on  standard                  7.5-­‐min  quads     •   Layered  GeoPDF®   •   Orthoimage  base   •   Core  feature  layers   •   3-­‐year  produc+on                  cycle     •   Download  free  on                  the  Web  
  3.          NACIS  2014      9  Oct

     2014   US  Topo  Maps  Content   Content    added:  2009,  2010,  2011,  2012,  2013,  2014   Ortho-­‐rec+fied  Aerial  Imagery     Roads   Names     Eleva+on  Contours   Hydrography   State/County/USFS  Boundaries   Runways   Woodland   Railroads   PLSS   Fire  Sta+ons   Hospitals   Schools   Military  Boundaries   Cemeteries   Post  Offices   Shaded  Relief   Trails   FWS  Boundaries   State  Capitals   Police  Sta+ons   Correc+onal  Facili+es  
  4.          NACIS  2014      9  Oct

     2014   US  Topo  Maps  Work  Plan  
  5.          NACIS  2014      9  Oct

     2014   Change  Detec:on:  Scope  and  Objec:ves   Research  into  vector  based  change  detec+on  to  help  minimize  data  maintenance   expenditures  for  The  Na+onal  Map  (TNM)  vector  Levels-­‐of-­‐Detail  (LoDs)  and  derived   products  and  services   •  US  Topo  Maps   •  1:1M-­‐scale  data  /  100K-­‐scale  data   •  Vector  Staged  Products   •  TNM  Viewer  map  cache  and  other  products  and  services  (TBD)   Evalua+on  of  coarse  change  data  sources   •  Support  for  data  acquisi+on   •  Support  for  change  iden+fica+on  on-­‐the-­‐ground    
  6.          NACIS  2014      9  Oct

     2014   Change  Detec:on:  Concept  of  Opera:ons  
  7.          NACIS  2014      9  Oct

     2014   Change  Detec:on:  Concept  of  Opera:ons  
  8.          NACIS  2014      9  Oct

     2014   Change  Detec:on:  Concept  of  Opera:ons   Example:  FCode  Change      3600  (Canal/Ditch)              -­‐>      44800  (Ar+ficial  Path)       Ahribute  change  does  NOT  drive  symbology  change            33600  (Canal/Ditch)        -­‐>  46003  (Intermihent  River)       Ahribute  change  DOES  drive  symbology  change  
  9.          NACIS  2014      9  Oct

     2014   Change  Detec:on:  Summary   More  than  65,000  US  Topo  maps  cover  all  U.S.  states  and  territories   •  Approximately  18,000  US  Topo  maps  are  currently  produced  /  revised  each   year   •  Content  enhancements  (new  feature  addi+ons)  an+cipated  to  con+nue   through  2018   •  Third  three-­‐year  produc+on  cycle  will  be  completed  in  2018   Change  detec+on  can  reduce  the  number  of  maps  that  need  to  be  revised  each  year   •  Focus  resources   •  Areas  where  certain  types  of  change  is  occurring   •  Areas  where  change  is  occurring  rapidly   •  Change  the  3-­‐year  cycle  to  a  tailored  revision  cycle  per  map,  according  to   change  informa+on    
  10. Ques:ons?   Kris+n  Fishburn      Andy  Stauffer   kafishburn@usgs.gov

         astauffer@usgs.gov   (303)  202-­‐4405      (303)  202-­‐4534