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The Effects of Good User Onboarding

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January 30, 2021

The Effects of Good User Onboarding

Talk for ProductCamp Dublin 2016



January 30, 2021


  1. The Effects of Good User Onboarding @dreasaez Head of Customer

    Success ProdPad
  2. • Born in London • Based in Berlin, London, Brighton,

    Ljubljana • Over +450 companies • Over 5,000 active users About ProdPad
  3. The ProdPad Support Team Hi there!

  4. Web Demos, Release Updates, Community Management,Technical Writing, Help Center Management,

    Social Media Support, Blogging, Sales, Account Management, Conferences, Face-to-Face Client Meetings, QA and Mockups
  5. Behind every successful product, there are successful users • Onboarding

    is about interaction and engagement • Successful onboarding will determine if the user stays, goes, or even worst.. they stay and end up churning. • Good user onboarding deflects the amount of time Support is involved
  6. Where do you start? • Design • Define • Help

  7. Design

  8. Design • Brainstorming: 30-second mockups • Picked out the elements

    and behaviours • Based on user experience
  9. Define

  10. Define • Analysed product and business analytics • Defined 3

    key steps • Provided value behind actions
  11. None
  12. Help

  13. Help • Self-service Help Center • Easy to find •

    Social Media • Algolia smart search • Reading: Help Center • Interactive: Hotspots • Videos: Masterclass • One-on-one: Demos • Self-directed experimentation How people ask for help How people learn
  14. Results

  15. Trial-to-Subscription Time 4x Faster!

  16. Demos How does it work? Let’s talk pricing!

  17. Ticket Deflection • Massive change in types of tickets -

    less how-to’s, more sales oriented. • Search terms and content adjustment
  18. Thank you!