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How to build a minimum lovable product

October 04, 2022

How to build a minimum lovable product

Learn to balance the art of iteration and creating products people love. In this talk we’ll go over why the MVP model failed, and how a new generation of lovability helps us focus on solving real-world problems. (Product Drive 2022)


October 04, 2022

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  1. How to build a Minimum Lovable Product Andrea Saez

  2. About me 2022
 • 10+ yrs experience in product &

    product marketing • Speaker + writer • I ask a lot of questions Andrea Saez Sr PMM @ Trint
  3. Today’s Agenda Build fast, Fail faster
 MVP = cheap, crappy,

    unusable Enter the MLP
 A new era of lovable products Product VCP
 Taking accountability for customer value The Beginning
 The MVP Andrea Saez
  4. Minimum effort, maximum learning The MVP_ Andrea Saez

  5. The MVP_ Minimum effort, maximum learning Andrea Saez

  6. Remember Juicero? Andrea Saez

  7. The MLP_ Minimum effort, maximum value Andrea Saez

  8. MLP - How to get there_ Competitors
 User Experience

    Problem vs Solutions
 Measure Success
 Andrea Saez
  9. 01
 Understand the problem you are solving 
 and why

    Andrea Saez
  10. 02
 What is your product vision?
 Andrea Saez

  11. 03
 What does success look like?
 Andrea Saez

  12. 04
 Don’t sacrifice delighters
 Andrea Saez

  13. 05
 User Experience
 Present Benefits Andrea Saez

  14. 05
 User Experience
 Present Benefits UX Copy Andrea Saez

  15. 05
 User Experience
 Present Benefits UX Copy Education and discoverability

    Andrea Saez
  16. 06
 Don’t worry about what your competitors are doing

  17. Product Strategy Product Vision Product Value Creation Plan
 Andrea Saez

  18. Product Value Creation Plan
 • Who you are solving problems

    for, including use cases and personas • Why this is important to the customer • What experiences you want to provide for your customers • How we influence new and better behaviours Andrea Saez
  19. Product Strategy
 What you want to achieve • Product vision

    • Business models • Positioning Customers and market landscape • Personas • Competitors How you will achieve things • Goals • Initiatives Product VCP
 Customer value Build better solutions Higher adoption Higher impact Andrea Saez
  20. Product Value Creation Plan
 • Target audience: Enables teams to

    understand customers and their use cases. • Customer Value Explorer: Understanding the the users behaviours that create value for your customer. • Value Assumption Builder: help leaders articulate how product impacts value and create better user habits. • PVC Tracker: Enables teams to monitor value indicators tracking your products impact on the important customer behaviours. Andrea Saez
  21. 2022
 How to build a 
 Minimum Lovable Product Let’s

    connect! Twitter: @dreasaez