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How to create a product adoption strategy

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January 30, 2021

How to create a product adoption strategy

Product-led highlights the importance of allowing your product to sell itself, and lots of great outputs to achieve that, from messaging to great onboarding, but how do you decide where to put your focus first? This is where your product adoption strategy kicks in - understanding how to best prioritize that strategy as a team.
In this session we'll cover:

Team structure and OKRs
Understanding and mapping out your customer journey
Outline buyer and user personas
Working as a team to reach your goals

Originally created for Product Led Summit @ https://summit.productled.com/talks/how-to-prepare-a-product-adoption-strategy/



January 30, 2021


  1. Andrea Saez How to Create a Product Adoption Strategy

  2. Hello! I Am Andrea

  3. What is product strategy? Andrea Saez

  4. What Why Measure Success Product Strategy Andrea Saez

  5. Increase Product Adoption Andrea Saez

  6. Activation Define the Customer Journey Awareness Education Retention Andrea Saez

  7. Define User and Buyer Personas Andrea Saez

  8. Outline Personas Set OKRs Define User Journey Quick Review: Andrea

    Saez Product Adoption Strategy
  9. Opportunity Solution Tree https://www.producttalk.org/opportunity-solution-tree/ Andrea Saez

  10. Product Roadmap Andrea Saez

  11. Product Roadmap Andrea Saez Andrea Saez

  12. Product Roadmap Andrea Saez Andrea Saez

  13. Product Roadmap Andrea Saez Andrea Saez

  14. None
  15. Andrea Saez

  16. Andrea Saez

  17. Andrea Saez

  18. Andrea Saez

  19. Any questions? Thanks!