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Product Crash Course

Product Crash Course

Product Crash Course (for Techqueria)



August 16, 2021


  1. Roadmap Crash Course Andrea Saez

  2. About me Andrea Saez Sr. Product Marketing Mgr @airfocus

  3. What is a roadmap? • A communication document • Always

    dynamic • Focuses on setting direction and intent
  4. What is not a roadmap? • A list of features

    • A list of solutions • A timeline or gantt chart
  5. A little history on roadmaps They used to look like

  6. Now they look more like this Stuff that has committed

    resources In discovery Still asking questions
  7. How granular should the roadmap be? Granularity should only exist

  8. None
  9. What do you do if you also want to communicate

  10. Strategy vs Execution

  11. Hardware vs Software - how is it different? • In

    many ways it is not different - all products need a strategy! • Hardware = Waterfall (has an ‘end’ date for delivery) • Software = Continuous development and learning. It’s important to remember that just because a team is working in a waterfall/hardware product, it doesn’t mean they don’t need a strategic roadmap.
  12. What about coordinating with customer-facing teams? • Establish a process

    to communicate the roadmap • Outcome-focused roadmaps help improve communication with customers • Soft launch vs Hard launch - not everything needs to be promoted the day it goes live
  13. How do you prioritize the roadmap? 1. Start with objectives

    that align with the product/company vision (usually set by C-levels/heads of departments) 2. Cost of delay on initiatives (based on discovery) 3. Opport solution tree to look at solutions -> outcome 4. THEN you use framework to frame the conversation around the discovery you’ve done Discovery first, framework later.
  14. How does one select a framework? “It depends” - there’s

    really no easy answer to this one. • How well do you know your team? • How well do you know the industry? • How well do you know the product? • Who are you having the framing conversation with?
  15. How do you show dependencies on an outcome-based roadmap? •

    Types of dependencies: blocked by, blocks, linked to, related to, duplicate of • Use emoji, tags, or linking feature • Use filters to narrow down view
  16. Roadmap Now/Next/Later ideas ideas kanban/timeline Roadmap vs Kanban

  17. Q&A Let’s talk!