OODA, maps, and antifragility: A case study in pragmatism

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June 22, 2016

OODA, maps, and antifragility: A case study in pragmatism

Presented at Velocity 2016 in Santa Clara.

More info and video in blog post: https://medium.com/@aneel/theory-in-practice-ooda-mapping-antifragility-df7f03a36a9c

OODA isn’t just for DevOps. Mapping isn’t just for strategists. Antifragility isn’t just for Netflix. Once we get beyond cargo-culting ideas, we can begin to understand how they arose and in what context. But how do we apply them? What does “getting inside” something’s “time scale” translate to in real life? How do you map your job? Where are the points of fragility in your business?

This talk explores the practical application of these ideas through examples from daily work--from deciding what to work on every day to reacting to competitive activities to building a team.



June 22, 2016