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Lessons learned while developing with Sylius

Lessons learned while developing with Sylius

What we learned about Sylius and Open source in last 4 years

Antonio Peric-Mazar

July 05, 2017

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  1. Lessons learned while developing with Sylius Antonio Perić-Mažar, CEO @

  2. Antonio Perić-Mažar, mag. ing. comp. CEO, Co-Founder @ Locastic Co-Founder

    @ Shi# Conference So#ware developer, Symfony2 Open Source Contributor SFUGCRO www.locastic.com [email protected] @antonioperic
  3. We help clients create amazing web and mobile apps (since

    2011) www.locastic.com @Locastic Design and development agency Mobile development Web development UX/UI Training and Consulting Shi! Conference, Symfony Croatia
  4. None
  5. How it all started?

  6. 4 years ago, Sylius v0.6.0 Talks: ezPublish and Sylius integration

    Sylius Meetup PHP Verona Unconference track WebCamp Ljubljana Lightning Talk
  7. Our first project

  8. We learned a lot We started a few times from

    the beginning BCs killed us Daily upgrades
  9. Don’t reinvent the wheel but think twice!

  10. Is the product ready for production? When will it be

    ready? Can you maintain it? Will it save you some time and money?
  11. Roadmaps are not written in stone

  12. Roadmap will be changed You are just a part of

    community and you cannot force it in your direction Sometimes you will wait for months to get roadmap updated
  13. Project owner doesn’t think/care about your business

  14. His product comes first Feature list is never final Be

    ready for big changes You should think about your business
  15. Good Code doesn’t sell

  16. Business owners don’t want to pay for good code Features

    are important Nice code won’t upgrade to 1.0.0.-alpha Do you have time and budget to build all what is missing?
  17. You can learn from good code!

  18. BDD TDD Symfony best practices Large project organisation

  19. Contributing is hard

  20. You need time and budget It is hard to do

    it while you are working on a project for clients It’s a good thing to do
  21. Open Source is a good sales channel

  22. Agencies and clients are following GitHub You can boost your

    visibility You can boost your skills
  23. Networking is amazing

  24. You will meet a lot of smart and cool people

    You will get some new partners You will learn a lot about communities and how they work
  25. Sylius today

  26. Locastic & Sylius

  27. Better organisation More mature projects Clear roadmap

  28. Great fit for small ecommerce projects Lack of features should

    be fixed with plugins eco system Great fit for large custom projects (if you have symfony developers in your team)
  29. QA

  30. www.locastic.com [email protected] @antonioperic Thank you