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You call yourself a Senior Developer?

You call yourself a Senior Developer?

Once upon a time, Senior developer was the real role-model, a person that everyone looked up to, a developer that you seek for advice and wisdom. Nowadays, seniority is a synonym for large salaries and big egos.

Let’s have a trip down the memory lane and drift away from the money-driven mindset. Instead of that, let’s inspire you to be better developers who are fulfilled by knowledge, success, and accomplishments.

Antonio Peric-Mazar

August 27, 2021

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  1. Antonio Perić-Mažar CEO @ Locasti c Co-founder @ Litt o

    Co-founder @ Tinel Meetu p t: @antonioperi c m: [email protected]
  2. How do you become a Senior developer ? 

    year and a half ? Full-stack?

  3. • 33% of projects are never complete d • 50%

    of projects fail to meet their goal s • 75% of execs expect their project to fail The aftermath
  4. • Focus should be trying your best to lear n

    • Needs directio n • Needs supervisio n • Needs mentorin g • You can still be a junior even after a decade in the industry Junior developer
  5. • They understand project, goals and teamwor k • They

    can estimate thing s • They can participate in improving things and process around the projec t • Systems built by intermediate will work far longer, but will lead to some sort of disaster • The sad fact is that vast majority thinks they are senior developers Intermediate developer
  6. They can be trusted to raise issues of code design,

    and play a valuable role in design discussions. They are also the “workhorses” of the dev team.
  7. • They wrote under and over designed systems. And both

    failed . • They are solving issues - fi re fi ghter s • Hates complexity and it is obsessed with simplicity They know how failure looks like
  8. The only way to build good software is by adapting

    theory to fi t the needs of the client, budget, codebase, team, tools, and organization .
  9. Being able to communicate clearly in business language - not

    tech jargon - with business people / non- technical co-workers .
  10. "The most important skill in the future will be the

    ability to "connect the dots" in your own way!" - Fabio Moioli
  11. “You can know all the cool functional programming techniques in

    the world, but if you are unable to communicate well with your team, or you are not able to focus on delivering actual value to a customer, you are not a senior developer.”