Evil Experiments (In the office)

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July 04, 2019

Evil Experiments (In the office)

Queer Code - Pride Edition

Muahahahaha, are you an evil scientist? Do you want to experiment on your colleges and co-workers? Do you want to get them using best software development practices while doing it? In this talk I will teach you how to use an experiment based model along with a series of practical exercises to keep your team running through mazes towards better products.

About Billie

Billie Thompson (she/her) is a cloud-native consultant working at Armakuni. She helps organisations move towards fast-moving, sustainable, modern development practices. Every team is different, but usually, she's helping teach Agile, DevOps and DDD practices at all skill levels.
Twitter: @purplebooth



July 04, 2019


  1. How to be an Evil Scientist (at the office)

  2. About me ▪ Quite tall ▪ Help people use best

    practices ▪ Favourite animal is the capybara
  3. Hands up!

  4. Pet Peeves

  5. Quick Detour

  6. “ 4 Years

  7. “ 4 Years Waiting time for a first appointment at

  8. Meet Tom

  9. Finish a BSc

  10. Start a family

  11. Start a business and get out of the risky first

  12. But Tom probably won’t get to do those things

  13. None
  14. Pride is a protest

  15. How to be an Evil Scientist (at the office)

  16. Laughter Therapy

  17. Quiet Evil Chuckle

  18. Evil Chuckle

  19. Evil Laugh

  20. Story

  21. Embedding best practices into teams

  22. Real problems

  23. Cat’s Paw Inc.

  24. Dastardly Plan Artisan Ashley (Team Leader)

  25. Pair Programming

  26. Pipelines

  27. TDD

  28. Always have an escape plan

  29. Never monologue

  30. Absolutely no capes!

  31. It worked!

  32. Superheros were being defeated

  33. She was asked to help Sam and Alex do it

  34. Sam and Alex have their own teams, and badly want

    to take over the world too
  35. So she did

  36. Demands!

  37. They did the exact same thing and it didn’t work

  38. They were thwarted by super heros at every turn!

  39. And they all went to jail

  40. Thankfully Ashley always has an escape plan

  41. “ The future is already here — it's just not

    very evenly distributed William Gibson
  42. Teams are different

  43. Cat’s Paw Inc. needed to go back to the drawing

  44. Alex and Sam ask her to talk about how she

    decided what to do with her team
  45. Ashley’s first few weeks

  46. Ashley learned about the world she lives in

  47. Found the pain points and the gaps between vision and

  48. Worked out what the problems were and what potential fixes

    could be
  49. Tried them out one by one in real world villainous

  50. She then looked back to see if they worked

  51. Why don’t we use that?

  52. What if we experimented on them?

  53. Design Thinking Empathize Define Ideate Prototype Test

  54. Empathise

  55. Empathise Team Metrics Stakeholder Mapping

  56. The Westrum Model Pathological (power-oriented) Bureaucratic (rule-oriented) Generative (performance-oriented) Low

    co-operation Modest co-operation High co-operation Messengers shot Messengers neglected Messengers trained Responsibilities shirked Narrow responsibilities Risks are shared Bridging discouraged Bridging tolerated Bridging encouraged Failure leads to scapegoating Failure leads to justice Failure leads to enquiry Novelty crushed Novelty leads to problems Novelty implemented
  57. Lencioni Inattention to RESULTS Avoidance of ACCOUNTABILITY Lack of COMMITMENT

    Fear of CONFLICT Absence of TRUST To take Accountability takes prior Commitment Focus on delivering measurable Results. Collective and individual accountability, and feedback Commitment follows healthy conflict Healthy Conflict implies Candid Debate Building Trust requires Vulnerability
  58. Four Key Metrics Lead Time Deployment Frequency Mean Time to

    Recovery Change Failure Percentage
  59. Define

  60. Define Service Health Check

  61. Define Value Stream Mapping Service Blueprint

  62. Ideate

  63. Ideate 1-2-4 All Hypothesis Generation

  64. Prototype

  65. Test (and share)

  66. Copying Ashley’s first week they designed an experiment to run

    on with their teammates
  67. Formulating it as an experiment made it easy get permission

    to fail (even with a terrifying boss)
  68. Focus on outcomes

  69. Iterate and work out what works for that specific team

  70. This allowed them to crush all opposition

  71. And take over the world!

  72. Thank you!