Getting Your Point Across: Captain Picard vs Amelia Bedelia

6f6662ecab8176c54c3ad89ec158842c?s=47 Arthur Doler
September 06, 2019

Getting Your Point Across: Captain Picard vs Amelia Bedelia

Communicating with other humans can be hard sometimes. You could use the wrong words. An attempt to influence someone with a statement could backfire. Your opinion about something could slip out without meaning to ... and that’s without talking about body language and other nonverbal communication!

Even though you’ve been communicating since you were born, you can still get better at it. In this talk you’ll learn about high- and low-context cultures, how they differ, and how Captain Picard and Amelia Bedelia can have a conversation they both understand. You’ll learn what things humans communicate non-verbally, and how to use this effectively. You might even learn some things about listening. Come get a jump-start on the next conversation you have!


Arthur Doler

September 06, 2019