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Migrating to React Native: A Long-Term Retrospective

Migrating to React Native: A Long-Term Retrospective

Presented June 25, 2020 remotely for the Mobius conference based in St Petersburg: https://mobius-piter.ru/en/2020/spb/talks/5rurofsaorksrtqprfpqsm/

Ash Furrow

June 25, 2020

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  1. Ash Furrow, Mobile Experience Tech Lead @ Artsy Migrating to

    React Native A Long-Term Retrospective
  2. Mobile Web 3 Engineers Objective-C and Ruby 7 Engineers Ruby,

    CoffeeScript/JS UIKit Mostly Backbone 2014
  3. Swift: a new approach to building software in an old

    way. React Native: a totally new, better way of building software.
  4. Lessons 1. React Native: Effective, When Used Well 2. You

    Still Need Native Experts 3. “Incremental Revolution” 4. Use Culture to Drive Tech Decisions 5. You Need an Empowered Team 6. Technical / Cultural Debt
  5. Decide What You Want Your Culture To Be Make Tech

    Decisions To Support That Culture The Tech Choices Influence Your Culture