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How to Elevate SWAG, VIP, GALA Boxes

How to Elevate SWAG, VIP, GALA Boxes

How to Elevate SWAG, VIP, GALA Boxes
Featuring Kind + Co Events, Nicola Dahlin


May 26, 2021

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  1. ABOUT US ❑ Event Management Company ❑ Serving non-profit charitable

    companies in the PNW & beyond. ❑ Focus on giving back.
  2. THE POWER OF SWAG ❑ Swag / Gala Boxes given

    out at event to excite the event guests and elevate the guest experience. ❑ Helps to “brand” the event - put your stamp on it. ❑ Unites the virtual guest - allows them to experience the same event even though they are not physically together.
  3. Here Comes The Sun Mardi Gras Springtime in Quarantine Boxes

    and swag calls attention to your event Guests excited - builds anticipation
  4. Budget key - pricing model - stick to it Part

    of the fundraising process ties together $15 - $25 depending on the customer