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RadicalxChange @ Devcon 5

October 10, 2019

RadicalxChange @ Devcon 5


October 10, 2019

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  1. What is RadicalxChange Foundation? • RadicalxChange Foundation Ltd. (501⒞⑶) •

    Detroit RadicalxChange Conference • Colorado State Legislature Quadratic Vote • Developing institutional reform ideas on voting, public goods financing, data markets, to officials in Canada, California, Washington DC, local gov’ts • Advising entrepreneurs, institutes, artists • Speaking at academic and business conferences worldwide
  2. Data Dignity Give people a stake in their data future.

    RxC is sketching institutions and legislation to empower people to control the use and receive the true value of their information.
  3. Common Ownership RxC is studying applications for local governments —

    e.g. licensing and public space Self-assessed rights to shared assets. Ensure commonly-held goods are managed more efficiently than private ownership.
  4. Identity × Community We are social creatures; no one’s data

    pertains only to oneself. Everyone’s “personal” data is actually a constellation of shared facts. Institutional design require a richer representation of individual and community identity. Next-generation decentralized data structures will be intimately involved in the evolution of RxC ideas.
  5. What’s Next? Cultural and artistic exploration! RadicalxChange Conference 2020, São

    Paolo, Brazil Working with local leaders worldwide — the Local Governance Project