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Re-Con-Figures: The Pigeons of Ed-Tech

1c81fdcacf8ba6a9223b2876db3d0e0b?s=47 Audrey Watters
September 22, 2016

Re-Con-Figures: The Pigeons of Ed-Tech


Audrey Watters

September 22, 2016

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  1. Re·Con·Figures: The Pigeons of Ed-tech Audrey Watters @audreywatters Designs on

    eLearning 2016
  2. the unspeakable in ed-tech

  3. becoming undisciplined

  4. re-working ed-tech’s lineage

  5. on the brink

  6. figures to think with

  7. to re-con-figure

  8. this pigeon dares you to belittle it

  9. “matter out of place”

  10. “la droit de colombier”

  11. a creature of empire

  12. symbol of peace / weapon of war

  13. technologies of surveillance

  14. pigeons of valor

  15. None
  16. pigeons and puzzle boxes

  17. pigeons, rats, dogs, monkeys, human children…

  18. “losing our pigeon”

  19. from pigeon-guided missiles to teaching machines

  20. a sense of self

  21. re-con-figure / response-ability