Data driven alerting with Flapjack + Puppet + Hiera

Data driven alerting with Flapjack + Puppet + Hiera

Working in operations in 2014 is hard.

The infrastructures we manage are growing rapidly, and responsibility is being divided up across multiple teams.

Then something breaks. Your on-call engineer receives 900 SMS in 30 seconds. Her phone melts. You can’t distinguish the signal from the noise. It takes an hour to fix the problem.

Enter Flapjack: an event processing & monitoring alert routing system. Flapjack sits at the end of your monitoring pipeline and sends alerts to the right person.

You should be interested in Flapjack if:

- You want to automatically configure how your on-call are notified from within Puppet
- You want to identify failures faster by rolling up your alerts across multiple monitoring systems.
- You monitor infrastructures that have multiple teams responsible for keeping them up.

In this talk you will learn how to setup Flapjack with Puppet, data-driven Flapjack configuration with Hiera, and how you can leverage Puppet's metadata to effectively route alerts to people who solve problems.

## Credits


Lindsay Holmwood

February 10, 2014