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How to Lead a Team by Doing Nothing

by Arjan van der Gaag

Published May 10, 2017 in Business

Get out of the way of your team. Show them where to go, and trust their expertise to get the job done. Provide them with actionable feedback. It all sounds simple enough, but how can you actually do it? The organisation looks to you, as a tech lead, for results; while the team looks to you for direction. By taking a step back and implementing accountabilities, tensions, visualisation, feedback and flow, you can take a team on an inspiring journey of improvement and autonomy — but beware: doing nothing can take a surprising amount of work.

This talk will show you how to build a motivated and creative team by stepping back and growing a culture of leadership on all levels.

Transcript: http://arjanvandergaag.nl/blog/lead-by-doing-nothing.html