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Be clear. Be creative

196a4242eecbd120dcb4cd9a80899e34?s=47 Ben Holliday
September 17, 2016

Be clear. Be creative

Why design teams should focus on creativity and clarity


Ben Holliday

September 17, 2016


  1. @benholliday Be clear. 
 Be creative

  2. @benholliday If ‘everyone else’ is working on strategy, business or

    operating models, the opportunity is to focus on creativity and clarity
  3. @benholliday Creativity (noun) The use of imagination or original ideas

    to create something
  4. @benholliday …the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships,

    and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations dictionary.com/browse/creativity
  5. @benholliday lightbulb outline 
 (round and round) Invention doesn’t stop.

    It has to keep going. 
 It’s an act of continuous and imperfect iteration.
  6. @benholliday New solutions create new problems, which need new solutions.

    There’s always a place to make things work better
  7. @benholliday Clarity (noun) The quality of being clear

  8. @benholliday

  9. @benholliday Clarity and creative thinking go together

  10. @benholliday …creativity isn’t about making additions; it’s about making subtractions.

    Ideas need honing, simplifying and focussing Will Gompertz (Think Like an Artist)
  11. @benholliday Framing the 

  12. @benholliday Framing the problem is a process of reduction. Starting

    conversations. Creating understanding 
 and opportunities.
  13. @benholliday Introducing a process of reduction or destruction

  14. @benholliday …a lot of what we seem to be doing

    is getting design out of the way Jonny Ive (Apple)
  15. @benholliday Removing the headphones socket. An example of reduction breaking

    things (destruction)
  16. @benholliday Sometimes you have 
 to break things or pull

    them apart to make them work better (simpler, clearer, faster)
  17. @benholliday Pablo Picasso
 The Bull

  18. @benholliday What if doing less makes things work better? https://www.gov.uk/design-principles#second

  19. @benholliday Connecting things together by ‘doing’

  20. @benholliday …the moment we link policy implementation and policy- making

    with the products and services that people experience, the human experience moves into the foreground Christian Bason (The frontiers of design for policy)
  21. @benholliday Shaping the culture around us

  22. @benholliday … creative organisations prioritise rituals of doing; the least

    creative organisations prioritise rituals of saying, the most common of which is the meeting Kevin Ashton (How to Fly a Horse)
  23. @benholliday “show me”

  24. @benholliday