Women in Technology Panel for AWDG

Women in Technology Panel for AWDG

AWDG brings you a panel of Atlanta women who work in the field of technology to talk about the importance of diversity in our industry and how we can be more inclusive in our own community.

On our panel we’ll cover topics like:

• The importance of diversity and what women bring to tech as far as innovation and contribution

• What keeps women from entering the technology field

• Who our female role models are in technology (hint - not all of us have them)

• What fields and countries outside the US have a balanced workforce, noting some of the differences in tech and the US.

• Where you can find more support as a woman in our Atlanta community.

Men are absolutely welcome to attend this event and we welcome your questions during the panel and during Q&A. We’ll even cover why it’s awkward to attend events that you might not be sure you’re welcome at and how to encourage diversity and many points of thought even within our own safe spaces.



Jenn Downs

August 08, 2014