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Social Media Strategy & Implementation (Comprehensive)

Social Media Strategy & Implementation (Comprehensive)

Here are the slides from ClearlyM's Chief Strategist Rob Bertholf from his class at University of Hawaii's Pacific New Media program.


Rob Bertholf

April 06, 2012


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  2. “Geek Cred”

  3. Social Media Marketing • Social Media Defined • Tools Always

    Change • Integrating Traditional & New Media • Anatomy of a Social Media Strategy • New Social Marketing Platforms TWEET IT:
  4. What is Social Media? Wikipedia: “Social media is an umbrella

    term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words and pictures.” Rob Bertholf: “Taking the conversation online – extending traditional marketing methods.”
  5. Social Media is Mainstream

  6. Social Media is Mainstream • 65% of U.S. adults use

    social media • If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s 3rd largest. (750 million active users 50% login daily) • Two hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every second. • 200 Million tweets sent per day (up from 65M last year) • 380,000,000 Foursquare check-ins (1 in every country) • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with more than 100 million videos • 80 percent of Twitter usage is on mobile devices. People are updating anytime anywhere.
  7. Its not a new language

  8. It’s Where the Conversation Takes Place Social Media isn’t a

  9. “I don’t understand this Social Media stuff.” • Similar to

    a business cocktail reception – No boundaries of time or space – Other people can listen in easily
  10. Business Cocktail Party Advice • Meet people and start conversations

    • Answer questions – help others • Ask questions – trust others’ advice • Be Authentic
  11. Social Media Advice • Stay focused on the goals •

    Be authentic • Worry about tools last • Focus on your plan to be social then worry about how to do social. TWEET IT:
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  13. Tools always change

  14. Social Media Tools in a Byte

  15. Integrating New & Traditional

  16. Marketing 101 • What is the goal? • Who is

    the audience? • Where is the audience? • What does the audience know? • How can I connect with my audience • How do I extend the conversation • How can I get my audience to introduce me to others?
  17. New & Traditional Tactics #1: What is the goal? Start

    with the business goal, not the communications goal. You’d think this is an obvious one… but you’d be surprised how often people skip this step.
  18. New & Traditional Tactics #2: Who is the audience? Give

    yourself some depth here. Go beyond demographics and ask yourself what do they look like, sound like and whom do they hang out with when they’re using your product? Where is their digital “watering hole”.
  19. New & Traditional Tactics #3: Where is the audience? This

    an obvious question, especially when you consider social networking platforms. But go beyond the obvious to the not-so-obvious, as in where they are in their lives. It will add a lot of depth to your analysis.
  20. New & Traditional Tactics #4: What does my audience know

    about me? (More to follow)
  21. Marketing Refresher #5: How can I connect with my audience?

    Don’t just define this in terms of channels. Ask yourself – from a creative, offer or conversation perspective – how can you best connect with your audience?
  22. Extending with Social Media #6: How do I extend the

    conversation? Once you’ve made that initial contact and gained permission to have an ongoing conversation, what do you plan to do next?
  23. Referrals through Social Media #7: How can I get my

    audience to introduce me to others? When was the last time you saw this section in a marketing plan overview? Don’t let that be a reason to leave it out of your plan. If you’re going to do something truly integrated, you have to think beyond the conversation to the recommendation. Recommendation is where the real money lies, so think about how you can get your customer to give you one.
  24. Traditional + New Media = Success

  25. Anatomy of a Social Media Strategy

  26. Social Media Strategy The umbrella plan. Usually contains multiple campaigns.

    Well executed campaign contains: • Listening & Research (Monitoring) • Content Marketing (Schedule/Responsive/Outreach) • Analytics & Measurement (KPI Tracking) • Asset Development (Design/Development)
  27. What’s in a Social Media Campaign?

  28. What's the goal? Stay focused on Business & Communication Objectives

  29. Who is your target audience?

  30. What does your Audience know? Awareness Sales Loyalty Interest

  31. Measurement of Success • Awareness – Web Traffic – Web

    Traffic Referrals – Search Volume Trends – Followers, Fans, Friends – Social Mentions – Likes/Endorsements – Share of Voice
  32. Measurement of Success • Sales – Web Traffic – Time

    on Site – Bounce Ratio – Repeat Visitors – Followers, Fans, Friends – Social Mentions – Share of Voice – Social Connectivity in Sales Funnel
  33. Measurement of Success • Loyalty – Time on Site –

    Repeat Visitors – Followers, Fans, Friends – Social Mentions – Share of Voice – Social Connectivity in Sales Funnel – Customer Service Metrics
  34. $9 - $899

  35. None
  36. Google Analytics Version 5

  37. Traffic Sources

  38. Referrals

  39. Analytics &Conversion Optimization Coming in June 2012

  40. Engage Audience Accurately 1961 Entries 300 Entries

  41. Social Technographics http://forrester.com

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  43. Social Media Monitoring


  45. Plan: Where to Monitor

  46. Action: Listening

  47. Action: Response

  48. Tools for Social Monitoring

  49. $600 - $10,000

  50. Free

  51. Free Alerts

  52. Free - $6/mo +

  53. Content Marketing

  54. Plan: Editorial Calendar

  55. Editorial Calendar Benefits Social media editorial calendars create a cohesive

    layer to a content strategy that bridges the benefits of: • Accountability: Put it in writing where everyone can see it, touch it and live it. • Commitment: Stamp a date on it, chances are, you will get it done. • Accomplishment: Checking it off the list feels so good and also ties back to accountability. • Planning: Big picture first, start at the year, month, week and day. • Creativity: Mapping out the topics first will help free up space for creativity and inspiration. • Trends: Tie in the topics with keyword research and boost the SEO strategy. • Measurement: Watching the results in growth and also what is popular in content via tools such as Google Analytics will give you valuable information for future editorial ideas.
  56. Action: Content Development

  57. Tools for Automation

  58. TWEET IT:

  59. Free

  60. Free

  61. Lets talk tools!

  62. Twitter for Business http://Business.Twitter.com

  63. Twitter Tips • Setup your profile with custom background image

    • Follow people with similar interests • Get into the conversation • Don’t Spam • Update Regularly • Find the latest buzz and contribute • Help other people out • Create Relationships • Integrate Twitter with other Social Networks • Establish Online Relationships Offline #TweetUp
  64. Maximizing Twitter • Shrink your URL’s • RT = ReTweet

    • Direct Messaging • Mention with @ sign • Create/use lists • Categorize Tweets with # Topics • Share Pictures (TwitPic.com) • Get a Good Desktop Client • Go Mobile • Search for topics at http://Search.Twitter.com
  65. Blogging

  66. Blogging for Business • Class with Tara Coomans

  67. Content Management System (CMS)

  68. Content Management TWEET IT:

  69. None
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  71. Flickr http://flickr.com

  72. LinkedIn http://LinkedIn.com

  73. Klout

  74. http://Klout.com

  75. Influencers Worth Following • Be Interesting/Informative • Be Interactive/Social •

    Find a balance (Promotional / Personal) TWEET IT:
  76. http://HawaiiKlout.com

  77. Instagram http://instagram.com/

  78. Pinterest http://pinterest.com/

  79. BONUS: Spotify http://Spotify.com

  80. None
  81. Market Growth of Location Services

  82. Vocabulary • Checking-In: The process of telling the GeoSocial App

    where you are at. • Badges: Users can ear various badges based on check-ins or tasks completed.
  83. The Attraction to Customers • Connect with Friends • Share

    / Learn Insider Tips • Save Money with Specials • Social “Gamification” – Earn Badges – Earn Points • Friendly Competition – Mark Your Territory – “Become the Mayor”
  84. The Value to Organizations • Engage Customers – Track First

    Time Check-Ins • Tips, Add Value • Offer Specials • Marketing Integration • Word of Mouth Promotion • Build Brand Ambassadors – Discover who to follow on Twitter
  85. The Platforms

  86. Foursquare

  87. Foursquare Growth

  88. Foursquare Experience See Friends Locations & Nearby Businesses

  89. Foursquare Experience Check-In and easily share with friends

  90. Foursquare Deals

  91. Newbie Special Opportunity: Make a great first impression

  92. Friends Offer Opportunity: Encourage increased party numbers. You may have

    different group size levels with increasing value.
  93. Flash Offer Opportunity: Create a sense of urgency around arriving

    at a certain time. And for those who miss the cutoff? Well, they’re already there and are unlikely to leave without ordering something.
  94. Swarm Offer Opportunity: Sense of belonging for individuals making a

    decision between locations. Swarms are visible in the searches and encourage more customers.
  95. Check-in Special Opportunity: Create specific specials to promote specific offers

    and desired behavior. For heavy tourist focus, this can be your best opportunity as it is the most accessible promotion. Don’t give away the farm, but make it special.
  96. Loyalty Special Opportunity: Provide a special based on frequency.

  97. Mayor Offer Opportunity: This offer is only available for the

    most loyal customer on Foursquare. Don’t give away the farm, but think how you would you reward your best customer? Treat your mayor right. This incentivizes competition to become the mayor and it rewards someone who is going to be evangelizing you to everyone they know.
  98. GeoSocial Breeds Loyalty

  99. Go to FourSquare.com to get started!

  100. Learn about your customers

  101. Educate Your Staff • Train your employees. Make sure they

    know and understand all of the deals available to your customers. • Set a policy where employees (and marketing consultants) may check in but are not to be the mayor … don’t spoil the fun for patrons.
  102. Educate Your Customers • Let your customers know you are

    participating in Foursquare deals by displaying • it creates community, it enforces loyalty, and hopefully they will enter tips about why they love your venue for others to see.
  103. Leave Your Own Tips • Let your customers know some

    favorite dishes, helpful hints, insider info or cool facts.
  104. Follow-up • Good follow-up is good customer service. • Mention

    users on Twitter asking how their experience was.
  105. Yelp Foodies Who Get Social

  106. Yelp Mobile Experience

  107. Yelp Check-in Offers

  108. Yelp Myths The Majority of Reviews are Negative • 83%

    of reviews on Yelp are positive. Yelp Doesn’t Do Anything To Protect Businesses from Questionable Reviews • Consumers can remove review themselves, if the situation was corrected by the business owner • Reviews that violate Yelp guidelines will get removed by the customer support team. • Reviews must be a first-hand experience. Something that a friend told you about a business will be removed.
  109. Response Tips Don’t Freak Out • Consumers look at the

    big picture. No business is made or broken in one review, they’re looking at the overall rating. • Potential customers will see you lashing out against your customers which will do more harm than good. The Yelp community may punish you for abusing Yelp users. • Don’t encourage a back-and-forth. Take the high road. Something like: “We’d love to work with you to resolve this situation. If that’s not possible, we respect your opinion and wish you well.” Should You Respond to Positive Reviews? • If you have time, it’s great to compliment positive reviews as well. Thank the customer for their positive review and let them know you appreciate it.
  110. Yelp Deals

  111. Yelp Deals What does it cost to post a deal?

    • There are no upfront costs. Yelp will retain 30% (Groupon is ~50%)of the discounted price from each deal sold. How do I track who purchased my Deal? • Once your Deal is created there will be a dedicated area within the "Yelp Deals" section where you will find a list of purchasers, as well as their unique redemption codes. When someone redeems their Deal you can electronically check them off by hitting "redeem" next to their name.
  112. Embracing Yelp Elite What is the Yelp Elite Squad? •

    The most passionate Yelpers are recognized for making the community so funny, useful and cool! Yelp Elites have the opportunity to get invited to exclusive local events and parties hosted by Yelp, where you can meet fellow Yelpers.
  113. Facebook

  114. None
  115. Facebook Deals

  116. Facebook Deals

  117. Google +

  118. WordPress CMS • http://WordPress.org Facebook

  119. Facebook Account Types Profile Connect with friends, share photos and

    create your own profile. Page Connect with your fans on Facebook. Groups Share, chat, and email with small groups of friends.
  120. Facebook Business Pages

  121. Use “Reveal” Tabs to increase engagement

  122. None
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  124. Questions?

  125. Search Engine Optimization This Summer! Check PNM Listing

  126. Analytics &Conversion Optimization This Summer! Check PNM Listing

  127. http://SMCHawaii.org

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