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Libraries, Learning, and Liberation

Libraries, Learning, and Liberation

Presented at the LACUNY Institute, 2014. Text available at http://homepages.gac.edu/~fister/LACUNY.pdf

barbara fister

April 05, 2014

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  29. Photo credits
    Wall texture by chrisseee
    Suzzalo Library, University of Washington, by Maaz Ghani
    NYPL Rose Reading Room by Ran Yaniv Hartstein
    NYPL Lion by The Nails
    Vancouver PL by Nick Koccharhook
    San Jose PL by the library
    Sinclair Community College Library – Doug Kaylor
    Discovery layer screenshot from the University of Minnesota Libraries
    Consume stencil – WhatWhat
    People’s Library by David Shankbone
    Biblioburro by Diana Arias
    Ethioopian community library by Robert Joumard
    Gezi Park library
    Jordan Weisman “Truly Devastating Graph” Atlantic based on a report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
    Instructional staff employment chart - AAUP
    No Standing by George
    Tools by Diddierddd x
    Evidence based change from Owen Abroad
    Another World is Possible – Tal Bright
    Payday by Junkohanher

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