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Open Source COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps to Improve Transparency and Adoption - Ana Jiménez, Bitergia

October 26, 2020

Open Source COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps to Improve Transparency and Adoption - Ana Jiménez, Bitergia

Since covid-19 outbreak, governments and public administrations from several countries have been relying on open source tracing apps to help citizens while simultaneously advancing the technology ecosystem. Some of the examples include Immuni (Italy), SwissCovid (Switzeland), Open Trace (Singapore) or Corona-warn-app (Germany). One benefit that comes from the open source nature and transparency of these apps, is how quickly these solutions can scale up to stop disease outbreaks. To know more about the details, we need to take a deeper look at their software development activity. During this talk, we will share some insights from a previous analysis about open source contact tracing apps, in order to see how robust the software development activity is on the different solutions.


October 26, 2020

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    about... Code Analysis Privacy Analysis Accuracy tests
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    source software for COVID contact tracing by @jgbarah Analyzing data on Corona-Warn-App's development by @jsmanrique
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    community and processes involved in software development cauldron.io • FREE, Open Source Saas platform for analysts, developers and managers • Built on top of GrimoireLab
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    covid-19 (uk) March Inmuni (Italy) March Corona-warn-app (Germany) April Stay away Covid (Portugal) May CoronaMelder (Netherlands) May COVID tracker (Ireland) June Radar Covid (Spain) September
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    Is there a community around these projects? • How is the evolution of active developers? • How responsive is the community? • What about developer onboarding? • When/where do developers work?
  8. Share this! @Bitergia Bitergia activity pattern: work on private repos

    first, then “open source” everything using a single commit no git history available = low level of transparency
  9. Share this! @Bitergia Bitergia radar covid (spain) when people made

    their first commit (newcomers) when people made their last commit (contributors leaving)
  10. Share this! @Bitergia Bitergia Highlights Transparency is important in order

    to build a sense of fair play (among contributors) and sense of trust (among third parties) Transparency might help to encourage national tech companies to get involved in the development of the app
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    for questions Ana Jiménez Santamaría <[email protected]> Software Marketing Specialist at Bitergia @anajsana95