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Technology wrecks everything AGAIN!

Technology wrecks everything AGAIN!

How robots, patron-based direct support, and AI are killing advertising and stealing your job. Chatbots and algorithms are coming for you.

Presented at Creative Pulse Vancouver.


Boris Mann

June 26, 2015

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  1. Technology wrecks everything AGAIN! Boris Mann, HUMAN June 2015 •

    Creative Pulse @bmann #tweAGAIN
  2. Technology Wrecks Everything

  3. – How The Grid Will Automate Web Design Without Killing

    The Designer, Fast Company “It won't matter how many times [The Grid's founders] claim they aren’t replacing the designer, because to most people it doesn't make sense why you would try to replicate their skills through algorithms and AI, if removing the designer from the equation wasn't part of the goal.”
  4. – Startup L. Jackson “1999: Use baby boomers to train

    outsourced replacements. 2015: Use recent college grads to train machine learning algorithms.”
  5. – From David Brin’s “Existence” “…there is a ‘shore’ consisting

    of tasks that humans and machines perform at equivalent cost… When machines get cheaper or smarter or both, the water level rises…”
  6. None
  7. – “Google Cabs and Uber Bots will Challenge Jobs ‘Below

    the API’”, Anthony Wing Kosner, Forbes “working “below the API” is a dead end. Uber drivers, Amazon Mechanical Turk workers, 99design contestants, TaskRabbit taskers and HomeJoy cleaners are all targets for further automation.”
  8. None
  9. Robot Jobs We Can’t Even Imagine Yet

  10. Jobs that can be done anywhere in the world Alternate

    title: U MAD BRO?
  11. – Bruce Sterling “It's pretty awful to be a musician

    and have no possibility of health insurance (as Jaron Lanier keeps pointing out), but you could have been a Nokia engineer. You'd have been blindsided even harder and faster, and you wouldn't even have had the girls and the weed.”
  12. – “The beginnings of advertising created by artificial intelligence”, The

    Guardian, by David Cox, Chief Innovation Officer, M&C Saatchi “Automation is something that creative agencies should seriously considering investing in, or at least factoring it into their five year plans.”
  13. What’s Your Job?

  14. Bushels & Meat Bag Work

  15. Technology Gives Us Superpowers

  16. What is technology? • Email? Microsoft Office? • Basecamp? Asana?

    Trello? • Photoshop? Sketch? • Unbounce or Launch Rocket? WordPress or Tumblr? • Texting? • Figuring out the Snapchat interface if you’re over 25?
  17. “Non-technical” people can rock tools • What are your 3

    go to apps? • What currently has you thinking “there has got to be a better way” and what are you doing to find a tool? • What tool does everyone ask you for help in learning how to use?
  18. • Intercom.io • Zapier • Quip Boris’ 3 Go To

  19. AI • X.AI & Clara Labs are “AI” assistants that

    help you schedule meetings • They understand natural language (aka NLP) • Hook into other APIs - look up flights on Kayak, make a restaurant reservation with OpenTable
  20. Slackbot, king of the Chatbots

  21. – @bmann (Read: Jonathan Libov, “Futures of Text”) “I actually

    think that text interfaces can make machines more human.”
  22. Your Cyborg Future • Move beyond meat bag work •

    The robots are coming • Tame them before they steal your job: stay above the API!
  23. What We Didn’t Cover • Is Advertising Strip Mining the

    Attention Economy? • Product vs. Marketing vs. Advertising and whether the phrase “growth hacking” is total BS or not • Non-advertising Supported Business Models
  24. Thanks! @bmann See tumblr.bmannconsulting.com/ tagged/tweAGAIN @ ishuman.co Boris Ryan Kharis

  25. Photo Credits • Godzilla by galactic_supermarket • Grid founders by

    TheGrid.io • Startup L. Jackson avatar by @startupljackson • Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai (葛飾北斎) • Jobs Venn Diagram by Bud Caddell • Bushel by Wikimedia Commons • Skull and brain normal human by Patrick J. Lynch, medical illustrator - Wikimedia Commons • Nokia engineer by allaboutgeorge • Super kid by ben__grey
  26. – Asimov, “The Roving Mind” # “Human beings learn how

    to handle numerous complicated devices in their lifetimes. The learning is not always easy, but once the complications are learned – if they are learned properly – it all becomes automatic. The thought of abandoning it and learning something else, of going through the process again, is terribly frightening.”