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Rust Language Server And You!

Rust Language Server And You!

The Rust Language Server (RLS) allows code editors to interact with Rust via JSON-RPC. This decouples functionality like 'goto definition', symbol search, reformatting from the code editors and ensures faster integration as new features appear in the language. Mark will demonstrate how to install RLS and configure it for use with some of the most popular code editors.

Video: https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/10664-rust-language-server-and-you


Mark Sta Ana

August 16, 2017


  1. Rust Language Server and You Mark Sta Ana @booyaa github.com/booyaa

  2. Introduction

  3. What is Rust Language Server (RLS)?

  4. What is Language Server Protocol (LSP)?

  5. Problem:

  6. Solution: ‣ Editor implements a LSP Client (language agnostic) ‣

    Language core team implements a Language Server
  7. Flow

  8. History

  9. RLS Timeline 2014 2015 DXR Save analysis LSP Oracle

  10. RLS Timeline 2016 RustW LSP Open Standard RoadMap 2017 Jonathan

    Turner RLS VS Code Extension
  11. RLS Timeline 2017 RLS Alpha RLS Beta RLS Rustup VS

    Market Place
  12. RLS Timeline 2037 RLS achieves sentience

  13. Team

  14. Setup

  15. RLS in action

  16. Summary

  17. FIN

  18. References http://bit.ly/RLSandYou