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20220826_Company Briefing Online Event

20220826_Company Briefing Online Event

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September 20, 2022

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  1. 2 2 Engineering Manager Nguyễn Thị Thu An An Nguyen

    is a research scientist with a Phd of computer science from Keio University which she attained in September, 2016. She worked as an AI technical solution leader, and product manager in Bosch. She has experienced in leading AI projects from the proposal phase of the project to the deployment. She has worked on projects where she has built end to end systems of natural language processing, action recognition, autonomous vehicles using advanced machine learning and deep learning. She has been working as an engineer manager in CADDi from June, 2022. She is in charge of leading the team to build up products to support CADDi business. 8 years experienced in Merchandising and Production Management at Uniqlo Vietnam (Fast Retail Group) Bachelor of Art in Business Management in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan .Join CADDi from July 2022, pursuit the goals of strengthening CADDi’s Global Supplier Qualification System and enhance the Business communication between JP Team & Partners and local Production Team & Partners Master of Art in International Relations at Tokyo University. 1 year experience as a Customer Service Consultant at an Apparel company; Nearly 9 years at a Manufacturing company, working as an Oversea Business Department Director to manage oversea business projects from conception to execution, including establishing subsidiary, import & export luxury cosmetic, headhunting Vietnamese engineer talents. Joined CADDi from Jan 2022 and be a member of VO, incharge of talent acquisition, HRM and building the foundation of the new company. Supply Partner Sales & Quality Assurance Trần Thị Minh Uyên HR / Corporate adiministrator Aki Fujimoto
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    https://www.facebook.com/CADDi.Vietnam https://twitter.com/CADDi_VIETNAM
  3. Company Name
 NO of Employee

 (Capital reserve at JPY9.93bil)
 1-4-1 Kuramae Taito-ku, Tokyo
 3-148 Fukusaki, Minato, Osaka
 Overseas branch
 Joined Mckinsey after graduating from Univ. of Tokyo.
 As senior manager(youngest at that time), led various projects to change the procurement strategy and process mainly in manufacturing industry.
 Founded CADDi in NOV 2017. 
 Yushiro Kato
 Aki Kobashi
 Studied electrical engineering at Stanford Univ.
 After working for Lockheed Martin Corporation for 4 yrs, joined Apple as senior engineer to work on mobile products; iPhone, and develop new products such as AirPods. 
 Co-founded CADDi Inc. in NOV 2017. 
 Company Introduction
 2-5-7 Hamacho Funabashi Chiba
 Other warehouses
 Fukuoka, Yamanashi, Gifu
 ISO Cert

  4. Copyright 2022 CADDi, Inc. / キャディ株式会社  2022  2021  2020  2019

     2018  2017 Company history
 ・established CADDi (150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration on November 9, 2017). ・Started full-scale development of automatic analysis system for 2D drawing data ・No. of clients exceeded 6,000 ・Started business in cutting process field ・Transaction volume was increased 6 times comparing with the previous year ・Started providing drawing management SaaS ・Raised over 10 billion yen in funding ・Ranked No. 1 in Japan in Nikkei's “Corporate value growth rate ranking” ・Appearance on "Gaia no Yoake" (Dawn of Gaia) ・Started providing can manufacturing equipment, whole manufacturing equipment and fabricated products for the plant industry ・Selected as the best company in the "Best companies to work for" ranking ・Started global operation ・No. of employees exceeds 300 ・Hosted "Manufacturing DX Summit 2022" ・Launched 3D CAD Automated Quotation and Sales Order Management Platform ・Enhanced business in sheet metal processing Field ・No. of customers exceeded 3,000.
  5. Topics/Media Nikkei Newspaper
 Corporate value growth 
 rate ranking

    as No 1
 JPY 2.5bil additional debt
 Over JPY 10bil financing round in Aug/2021
 TV Tokyo『The dawn of Gaia』 
 【The drastic change of “Monozukuri】
 ※Broadcasted on 8/Oct/2021 
 with Mr.Higashi
 (Ex-Chairman of TEL)
 Discussion topic
 How Japanese
 manufacturing industry 
 can take global initiative
 JPY 8.0bil
 Equity Financing 

  6. Copyright 2022 CADDi, Inc. / キャディ株式会社 
 Current situation

    and challenges 
 Copyright 2022 CADDi, Inc. / キャディ株式会社
  7. Market Issue (Example in Japan) The complex multiple-tier structure makes

    the market structure unbalanced. The contractor side of the market is mostly comprised of SMEs in highly-varied specialized areas. Clients Contractors No. of drawings procured per day Contract rate Loss-maker rate Approx. 400 Approx. 20% Heavy price negotiation Customer Dependency Tier 1 Tier 2: 100 contractors contractor 1 Tier 3: 1,000 contractors Tier 4: 5,000 contractors Tier 5: 10,000 contractors # Employees Less than 10 10-19 # Employees Metal fabricators in Japan 40,000 companies
  8. Manufacturing
 Procurement of 
 fabricated product
 ・Consolidation of procurement 

    and production
 ・QCD assurance responsibilities 
 ・Ensure production capacity 
 ・Reduce procurement workload 
 System Installation
 ・Support “capitalization” of 
 drawing data
 ・Enhance the usage of the 
 data for value creation 
 Two pillars of our business

  9. Our Business Model
 Drawing Analysis Drawing Translation Cost Estimation Optimized

    Ordering Order Management Inspection Management Inventory / Logistics Management Supply Chain Management Cost Management Quality Standardization Productivity Improvement through Digitalization Raw Material Sourcing Optimization of Process through Digitalization Focus on Strengths Production Management Resource Contribution CADDi Virtual Factory Customer Intelligence
  10. Drawing management
 Draw ing etc.. Quality Design Quote Sales Order

    Data Storage Search Extract Data Data Relation Action Analy -sis Platform to capitalize drawing data Basic Function and Value Prop F U N C T I O N V A L U E Drawing Analysis Similar Drawing Search Reduced time to search drawings Cost reduction Standardization of design Drawing No. Raw Material Dimension Supplier/Price
  11. Drawing management
 図面 etc.. Quality Design Quote Sales Order Data

    Storage Search Extract Data Data Relation Action Analy -sis Platform to capitalize drawing data Basic Function and Value Prop F U N C T I O N V A L U E Drawing Analysis Similar Drawing Search Reduced time to search drawings Cost reduction Standardization of design Drawing No Raw Material Dimension Supplier/Price
  12. amazon • extablished in 1994
 • T.M.V:USD1.7Trillion 
 Google •

    established in 1998
 • T.M.V:USD1.8Trillion 
 facebook • established in 2004
 • T.M.V:USD1Trillion
 Uber • established in 2009
 • T.M.V:USD81Billion
 Alibaba • established in 1999
 • T.M.V:USD430Billion 
 Our journey has just begun... total market value
 yrs in operation
 present condition
 * total market value is as of August 20, 2021 

  13. Vision 2030 Customers
 Becoming a global 1 trillion yen sales

    order manegement platform 
 Becoming a Data-Leveraged Manufacturing Solution Provider Enhancing the business and driving DX across the entire supply chain operations
 Leveraging past transaction record to develop and enhance value-added structures throughout the value chain
 Supply Partners
 1 2
  14. Global Network
 Global expansion of supply chain with APAC as

    a starting point
 from 2022
 Japan (6 offices)
 from 2017 

  15. Expansion of our service applications

 CAD design 
 Material procure-
 Web CAD
 real time ordering
 Production and delivery management
 Overseas procurement and distribution
 Catalog raw material procurement
 Smart factory
 & IoT
 Catalog Parts Procurement
 Used machinery sales
 Drawing management
 cost model
 We strive to expand the scope of our services around our ordering platform and drawing data utilization SaaS, and build a platform that can deliver value across the globe.
  16. Company Overview • Name CADDI VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED • Founded

    21 March 2022 • Employees 10 (as of Aug/2022) • Office Sohude Tower, Floor 2nd, 331 Nguyen Trong Tuyen Street, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC Will open Hanoi office soon
  17. Organization Plan in the future CEO / CTO Japan Vietnam

    Other Countries Business Corporate Technology Center Supply Chain Mgmt Production & Quality Logistics Cost Analysis Finance Accounting HR Marketing PR Admin Frontend Backend AI/ML Infra structure Product Manager
  18. Advantages of Vietnam Quality Standard a lot of people who

    worked in Japan or Japanese companies IT capability Software ecosystem and IT engineers People Young, motivated and aspirational Three strong pillars to create “new system” in the manufacturing industry
  19. Outline of Business Group Supplier Development Production Quality Mgmt Supplier

    Development Production & Quality Management Logistics Order Mgmt Find and develop suppliers Work with partner to ship out good products on time Optimize Logistics and Inspection to meet customer deadline Work as one team Scope of Work Raw Material Create trustful and cost competitive raw material supply chain Raw Material Logistics & Order Management
  20. Example of Customer’s equipment Semiconductor manufacturing equipment FPD manufacturing equipment

    Food machinery Packaging machinery Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment CADDi is involved in delivering equipment to manufacture familiar everyday products Rice ball maker water bottle labeling machine EV battery manufacturing equipment Smartphone LCD manufacturing equipment Processed food manufacturing Bookbinding machinery Printers Chemical equipment Injection molding equipment Machining tools Inspection equipment Railway equipment Automobile manufacturing lines Analytical equipment Testing equipment
  21. Outline of Business and Corporate Group Foster special culture to

    act “as one” regardless of difference in nationality and cultural background Not Japanese Comapny Not Vietnamese company            We are
  22. Call for participation We are looking for the person who

    would like to develop a “new system” in the manufacturing industry as well as establish global start up out of Vietnam Open Positions in Business Department • Supply Chain Management & Supplier Development • Production and Quality Management • Logistics and Inspection Open Positions in Corporate Department • Finance and Accounting • Human Resources • Office Administration
  23. 35 Technology Teams in Tokyo Manufacturing Support Product Team The

    team focuses on products for internal use for cost calculations and estimates, supply partner selection algorithm, and customer intention interpretation. Production Management Team It is a large team of products related to production management. The team is composed of smaller sub-teams, and we use LeSS to manage the overall development. • Manufacturing process and supply chain management • Data exchange with manufacturing partners • Mechanical drawing management Computer Vision R&D Team Research and development team for technologies to be used in drawing management products. The current primary focus is on research for converting raster drawing data to structured data. Drawing Management SaaS Team The team incorporates the research and development results of the computer vision and machine learning technologies into CADDi's first SaaS product, the drawing management product. AI Lab The team conducts research and development to utilize data for various purposes to improve manufacturing operations Application teams Functional teams Platform Team This team is responsible for building and enhancing the infrastructure across the board. It deals with a wide range of issues, from managing authentication infrastructure to improving CI/CD. More teams to come..!
  24. Data exchange with manufacturing partners List of orders from CADDi

    Batch processing of quote requests from CADDi
  25. Mechanical drawing management system Search by drawing ID Details of

    each drawing Association with related information
  26. 41 TECHNOLOGY STACK Selection of technologies to increase developer productivity

    (e.g. utilizing statically typed languages) FRONTEND ・TypeScript ・React ・Next.js ・Apollo Client ・Recoil ・styled-components ・Storybook ・Jest ・Lerna BFF ・TypeScript ・Node.js ・NestJS ・Apollo Server BACKEND ・Rust ・diesel ・tonic ・Kotlin ・Micronaut ・Python ALGORITHM ・Rust ・Python ・WebAssembly ・PyTorch ・LightGBM ・Opensearch ・VertexAI ・Image Processing ・Data Science ・OCR GraphQL gRPC Infrastructure GCP, Kubernetes, BigQuery, Redash, Cloudflare, Datadog, MixPanel Event Bus Cloud Pub/Sub, RabbitMQ DevOps GitHub, GitHub Actions, CircleCI, ArgoCD, Kustomize, Helm, Terraform
  27. HCM Technology Center • CADDi's first software development site outside

    of Japan • We will develop software to support CADDi's business. ◦ We don’t do contract work, but focus on in-house product development ◦ It is not a subsidiary of the Tokyo technology division but an independent software development group collaborating with each other • Project domains ◦ Manufacturing order management platform ◦ Drawing management SaaS product ◦ Research and development of computer vision and machine learning ◦ Data engineering ◦ Platform engineering
  28. Mission of HCM Technology Center 1. Collaborating with the development

    group in Tokyo, we develop and deliver software for global use 2. Working with CADDi VIETNAM business group, we develop and deliver software for the business in Vietnam HCM TEC TYO TEC CADDI VIETNAM Business Group 1. Software for global use 2. Software for local business support
  29. Growth Plan Tokyo HCMC Now (Aug 2022) Apr 2023 ~

    60 ~ 110 3 ~ 25 Other sites (?) ~ ? It could be somewhere in Vietnam or another country.
  30. Call for participation We are looking for talented engineers and

    managers who are interested in building a software team from scratch Open Positions • Backend Engineer • Frontend Engineer • Technical Architect • Platform Engineer • Product Manager • Engineering Manager
  31. Working Style 48 • How We Work   CADDi working style is

    hybrid. 1 office-working day per week for BIZ team. 1-2 WFH days per week for TECH team. • Remote Work   CADDi allows full remote work from anywhere in the world. Employees are free to work either from home or from the office. • Vacation & PTO   CADDi offers 3 days of special leave for new hires and 10 days of paid leave(granted after six months of employment). We also offer public holidays in Japan, three summer vacation days and a year-end holiday. Hybrid Regular 1-on-1 Meeting Flexible location
  32. CADDi VIETNAM Employee Benefits 49 • Environment - Opportunity to be

    the starting and core members of CADDI Vietnam, challenging the world's largest industry to DX. - Working in a professional, fast-paced, flexible and flat leadership environment, where you can improve yourself, maximize your skill and accomplish. • Training - Intensive Training Program         - External or internal training courses - Internal workshop - Support Attending Conference - Scrum training - Language study support, etc.