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Company Overview for Engineers (English)

Company Overview for Engineers (English)

CADDi Engineer Recruiting(English)

CADDi Corporate(English)

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November 10, 2022

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  1. Studied electrical engineering at Stanford University. After four years of

    building data processing systems at Lockheed Martin Corporation in coordination with NASA and JAXA, Aki joined Apple to work on mobile products including the iPhone. Later on, he worked as a senior engineer on the development of embedded products such as the AirPods. Co-founded CADDi Inc. in late 2017. 2 Co-founder & CTO Aki Kobashi
  2. AGENDA 3 ABOUT CADDi Mission Market Services Features ABOUT TECH

    What We Develop Organization & Culture Development Environment Work Style Members RECRUITING Open Positions Required Skills
  3. 6 MARKET Procurement NO innovation Manufacturing Distribution Design CAD/CAE Automation

    and robotization AI and big data Gross production volume in Japan: 1.8 trillion USD 1.2 trillion USD The procurement market has had very little innovation in the last century.
  4. 7 MARKET DETAILS (1) Procurement Cost 120trillion JPY High-Mix Low-Volume

    40trillion JPY Processed Goods 4trillion JPY * High-mix low-volume only Over a third of the 30,000 components of an electric train car are custom fabricated metal parts. Electrical items Interior linings & window frames Doors Seats Lighting Sanitary equipment frames Trucks A/C enclosures Total Value Examples of processed goods
  5. 8 MARKET DETAILS (2) Semiconductor manufacturing equipment FPD manufacturing equipment

    Food machinery Packaging machinery Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment CADDi is involved in delivering equipment to manufacture familiar everyday products Rice ball maker water bottle labeling machine EV battery manufacturing equipment Smartphone LCD manufacturing equipment Processed food manufacturing Bookbinding machinery Printers Chemical equipment Injection molding equipment Machining tools Inspection equipment Railway equipment Automobile manufacturing lines Analytical equipment Testing equipment
  6. 9 MARKET ISSUES The complex multiple-tier structure makes the market

    structure unbalanced. The contractor side of the market is mostly comprised of SMEs in highly-varied specialized areas. Clients Contractors No. of drawings procured per day Contract rate Loss-maker rate Approx. 400 Approx. 20% Heavy price negotiation Customer Dependency Tier 1 Tier 2: 100 contractors contractor 1 Tier 3: 1,000 contractors Tier 4: 5,000 contractors Tier 5: 10,000 contractors # Employees Less than 10 10-19 # Employees Metal fabricators in Japan 40,000 companies
  7. 11 SERVICE FEATURES CADDi strives to create a world that

    can realize each manufacturers' strengths and create a flat, non-hierarchical relationship between customers and manufacturers. Matching only Matching only reduces costs for finding a manufacturer, but not costs associated with negotiation and supervision. Semi-fabless manufacturer Able to reducing transaction costs for customers and manufacturers by mediating the transaction itself Mechanical drawing data 2 ・Reduced labor in procurement ・Cost savings ・Stable prices and delivery times Customers ・No estimation ・Logical costing ・Stable sales Optimized purchasing and manufacturing Automatic cost estimation algorithm 1 Inspection, quality assurance, and product delivery 3 CADDi Manufacturers MERIT MERIT
  8. 12 PLATFORM & SOFTWARE We develop software solutions to manage

    and utilize information that has traditionally been exchanged via methods such as fax and postal services. Manufacturing platform Cost estimation Supply chain management Mechanical drawing management Data exchange with partners
  9. 13 SERVICE HISTORY Sheet metal Materia l procure ment Machining

    Structural frames Switch boards Assembly and Wiring Piping Press work Casting Injection molding Purchase 2017 2021~ Whole units Whole plants CADDi started out addressing the sheet-metal fabrication market, but has expanded to include machined parts, and more recently complete sets of equipment and large plant facilities.
  10. 14 TO THE FUTURE Plates Machining Frames Assembly Casting Injection

    molding Forging Product expansion Industrial machinery Chemical machinery and plants Medical machinery and aerospace Current stage Construction machinery ・・・ ・・・ High-Mix Low-Volume Medium-Scale Production Industry expansion ・ ・ ・ ・ To support growth as we continue to expand the scope of our services, we will need more technical expertise than ever before.
  11. 15 TO BE A GLOBAL PLATFORM   Drawing 3D data

    conversion Automatic estimation system Finance CAD design optimization Material procure- ment ERP and accounting Web CAD CAM integration Ordering Real-time ordering Production and delivery management Overseas procurement and distribution Catalog raw material procurement Smart factory and IoT Catalog part procurement BOM manageme nt Logistics optimizatio n Used machinery sales Drawing utilization VAVE design standardizati on automatic generation of CAM Cost down analysis supply and demand forecast PLM/ PDM Global Platform While providing core solutions for leveraging ordering and drawing data, becoming a global platform and a global organization is also our goal.
  12. 17 Technology Teams Manufacturing Support Product Team The team focuses

    on products for internal use for cost calculations and estimates, supply partner selection algorithm, and customer intention interpretation. Production Management Team It is a large team of products related to production management. The team is composed of smaller sub-teams, and we use LeSS to manage the overall development. • Manufacturing process and supply chain management • Data exchange with manufacturing partners • Mechanical drawing management • Logistics center management Computer Vision R&D Team Research and development team for technologies to be used in drawing management products. The current primary focus is on research for converting raster drawing data to structured data. Drawing Management SaaS Team The team incorporates the research and development results of the computer vision and machine learning technologies into CADDi's first SaaS product, the drawing management product. AI Lab The team conducts research and development to utilize data for various purposes to improve manufacturing operations Application teams Functional teams Platform Team This team is responsible for building and enhancing the infrastructure across the board. It deals with a wide range of issues, from managing authentication infrastructure to improving CI/CD. More teams to come..!
  13. 20 Data exchange with manufacturing partners List of orders from

    CADDi Batch processing of quote requests from CADDi
  14. 21 Mechanical drawing management system Search by drawing ID Details

    of each drawing Association with related information
  15. 22 Logistics center management system Manages the flow of receiving

    and shipping goods between manufacturing partners and logistics centers. Manages inspections and inventory in the logistics center.
  16. TECHNOLOGY STACK 24 FRONTEND ・TypeScript ・React ・Next.js ・Apollo Client ・WebGL

    ・Web Assembly ・Recoil ・Storybook ・Jest ・Lerna BFF ・TypeScript ・Node.js ・NestJS ・Apollo Server BACKEND ・Rust (Tokio, tonic, Disel, axum, SeaORM) ・Node.js (Express, Fastify, NestJS) ・F# ・Go ALGORITHM ・Rust ・Python ・WebAssembly ・PyTorch ・LightGBM ・OpenSearch ・VertexAI ・Image Processing ・Data Science ・OCR GraphQL gRPC Infrastructure GCP, Kubernetes, Istio, BigQuery, Redash, Cloudflare, Datadog, MixPanel Event Bus Cloud Pub/Sub, RabbitMQ DevOps GitHub, GitHub Actions, CircleCI, ArgoCD, Kustomize, Helm, Terraform Selection of technologies to increase developer productivity (e.g. utilizing statically typed languages)
  17. 27 ATMOSPHERE Rust Swag STUDDi: Internal meetups Tech Blog CADDi

    BAR ? ? ? Office * Photos taken between 2019 – Feb. 2020.
  18. 30 BENEFITS Policies - Holidays National holidays, year-end and New

    Years, summer vacation, annual paid leave, congratulation or bereavement leave - Commuting expense reimbursement - Childcare allowance - Marriage and childbirth leaves - Remote work - PC and display(s) provision Healthcare - Annual medical checkups and gynecological exams - Flu vaccinations full subsidy Engagement - Weekly all-hands meetings(Online) - Shuffle lunches(Online) -Quarter Kick off meeting & Party(Online&Offline) -Club activity subsidy Growth Support - Full book purchase expenses covered - Language study support - Monozukuri experiences - CADDi Award -1on1 meeting - Personal-use server cost reimbursement
  19. ・Base salary rose 1M-1.5M JPY and more over the period

    of 3 years ・Semi-annual performance review of mission grade, with possible base-ups (absolute evaluation) (Unit 10,000 JPY) 31 Salary Range Table Technology Dept. (Japan)
  20. Studied electrical engineering at Stanford University. After four years of

    building satellite data processing systems at Lockheed Martin Corporation in coordination with NASA and JAXA, Aki joined Apple to work on mobile products including the iPhone. Later on, he worked as a senior engineer on the development of embedded products such as AirPods. Co-founded CADDi Inc. in late 2017. 33 Co-founder & CTO Aki Kobashi
  21. 34 Backend Engineer Ryohei Hazama Started his career at a

    software integrator after graduating college. In 2011, Ryohei Joined CyberAgent and served as a lead engineer on the smartphone platform development team. From 2015, he was responsible for the backend infrastructure of a payment system at Coiney. He then assumed the role of engineering manager in 2016. Ryohei joined CADDi in September 2018, and currently oversees the manufacturing cost estimation software team. Algorithm Engineer Yuichiro Terada As a new grad, Yuichiro joined a 3D mechanical CAD software provider. To further his experience in C#, he transferred to a subsidiary, after which he followed his manager to a new company to build upon the foundations they had built together. He joined CADDi’s algorithms team in October 2019, drawn by the combination of operational excellence and cutting edge software development. Currently, Yuichiro leads the computer vision R&D team.
  22. 35 Backend Engineer Taisuke Kuwana Entered DMM.com LLC in 2015

    as a new graduate, working on the common infrastructure systems team as a web director, responsible for requirement definition and project management. Feeling the desire for an in depth understanding of engineering, he changed careers to a backend engineer working on the company's review system. In August 2019, he joined CADDi, attracted by its diverse engineers, and potential to learn. He is currently involved with both backend and infrastructure for CADDi’s supply chain management system. Frontend Engineer Tatsushi Kiryu Tatsushi started his career at a software integrator, where he engaged in development of enterprise software. Later, he joined a development contractor with strengths in UI/UX out of his interest in frontend web development. and led overall frontend web development at the company. Several years later, he moved to a UI component vendor where he developed commercial reusable UI components, while also engaging clients through technical consulting. He came across CADDi when he found himself desiring to contribute to society in a more direct manner and joined CADDi in October 2019.
  23. 36 Backend Engineer Norisuke Takafuji Norisuke was involved in the

    overall software development and project management processes at an affiliate of a public company, gaining experience in various management methodologies. He joined minma, Inc., to take on a leadership position overhauling its operational systems. He joined CADDi in February 2019, bringing order to the chaotic early days of CADDi’s software team. Norisuke is currently responsible for the technical architecture for all aspects of CADDi’s supply chain management system. Platform Engineer Keiichi Yamada After starting his career at a software integrator, Keiichi joined COLOPL, Inc. to refine his engineering skills. He was involved in the development of more than 10 game titles as a backend engineer, and gained experiences in leading and managing a development team. He joined CADDi in September 2019 to take on challenges in new engineering fields and contribute to society through his work in a workplace where engineers and business operators work closely together. He currently works cross functionally on the platform engineering team to ensure developers are able to do their work well.
  24. 37 Backend Engineer Yusuke Takahashi After university, worked at a

    CAE vendor on sheet metal forming simulation software. geometric computation for 3D mesh models. Yusuke joined CADDi in May 2019, intrigued by the opportunities for growth and the plethora of interesting projects. He has been involved in the development of CAD analysis algorithms for sheet metal fabrication, as well as metal machining. He currently works on backend APIs, and the cost estimation algorithms that run behind them. Frontend Engineer Ken Ogura While absorbed in algorithm research during his university days, he encountered CADDi through a programming competition, eventually joining as an intern in March 2019 to learn modern software engineering skills. He went on to join CADDi as a full-time employee after graduating from his master’s program in 2021, attracted by the management’s prowess. Armed with a background in mathematics along with a year of backend development experience, Ken works across the software stack. Recently he has been focusing on modern frontend development.
  25. 39 OPEN POSITIONS Backend engineer Frontend engineer Software engineer (data

    utilization system CADDi DRAWER) For details, please visit: JP ENG
  26. CONTACT Interested in cutting edge technology? Want to get involved

    in manufacturing and logistics? Drop us a note! If you are interested in an opportunity with CADDi, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or the contact form. OR [email protected] https://bit.ly/3G95DEp @CaddiTech https://caddi.tech https://corp.caddi.jp/recruit/eng/en TECH BLOG RECRUIT SITE