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2023.01_CADDi Thailand Company Overview

2023.01_CADDi Thailand Company Overview

This slide provides an overview of CADDi and CADDi Thailand's business situation and a job opportunity available at CADDi Thailand. This slide is an excerpt from the slides used at the recruitment event held in Bangkok on January 28, 2023.

The slides are organized as follows.
1.About CADDi
2.Approach (Business Overview)
3. About CADDi Thailand
4.Open Positions (CADDi Thailand)

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January 31, 2023

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  1. Company Name
 NO of Employee

 (Capital reserve at JPY9.93bil)
 1-4-1 Kuramae Taito-ku, Tokyo
 3-148 Fukusaki, Minato, Osaka
 Overseas branch
 CADDi Thailand Co., ltd.
 Joined Mckinsey after graduating from Univ. of Tokyo.
 As senior manager(youngest at that time), led various projects to change the procurement strategy and process mainly in manufacturing industry.
 Founded CADDi in NOV 2017. 
 Yushiro Kato
 Aki Kobashi
 Studied electrical engineering at Stanford Univ.
 After working for Lockheed Martin Corporation for 4 yrs, joined Apple as senior engineer to work on mobile products; iPhone, and develop new products such as AirPods. 
 Co-founded CADDi Inc. in NOV 2017. 
 Company Introduction Warehouse
 2-5-7 Hamacho Funabashi Chiba
 Other warehouses
 Fukuoka, Yamanashi, Gifu
 ISO Cert

  2. Our Office in Thailand : the Hive Prakanong 5 minutes

    on foot from BTS Pra khanong Sta.

  3. Company History  2022  2021  2020  2019  2018  2017 Company Foundation

    150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration in Japan Started automatic analysis system for 2D drawing data -> No. of clients exceeded 6,000 Start of Global Expansion Started business operation in Vietnam and Thailand -> More than 50 employees in APAC Expanded product coverage to be “one-stop-service” for buyers (Full line up of machinery equipments & Plant) -> Nominated as "Best companies to work” Started with Web-based 3D CAD Automated Quotation service -> No. of customers exceeded 3,000. Ranked as No.1 growing company in Japan (in terms of company valuation) -> Transaction volume was increased by 6 times -> Started offering SaaS solution (drawing management) -> Raised approx, USD85mil funding (Equity & Debt)
  4. Our Professionals Design Eng Product dev SCM Process Eng

 Sales Tech Sales R&D Procurement Sales R&D IT Manufacturing (200+ employees)
 Procurement Professionals allows deep technical discussion with customers

  5. Our Professionals International Olympiad in Informatics (Silver medal) Engineers (100+

    employees) Stanford University Lockheed Martin Apple 3D CAD engineer (20 years) Yahoo/M3 Machine Learning Kyoto Univ. CTO at opt SONY (27 years) Global development Canon Machine Learning Univ. of Tokyo NTT R&D CTO at a startup
  6. Topics & Media/Award Nikkei Newspaper Corporate value growth rate ranking

    Ranked as No 1 JPY 2.5bil debt allowance (approx. USD20mil) Equity Debt Over JPY 10bil financing round in Aug/2021 NewsPicks with Mr.Higashi (Ex-Chairman of TEL) Discussion topic How Japanese manufacturing industry can take global initiative JPY 8.0bil Equity Financing (Approx. USD65mil) 日本経済新聞 Awards
 Ranked No.2 Japanese entrepreneur in 2022 Ranked No.2 “Asia Emerging Giants”
  7. Market Issue (Example in Japan) The complex multiple-tier structure makes

    the market structure unbalanced. The contractor side of the market is mostly comprised of SMEs in highly-varied specialized areas. Clients Contractors No. of drawings procured per day Contract rate Loss-maker rate Approx. 400 Approx. 20% Heavy price negotiation Customer Dependency Tier 1 Tier 2: 100 contractors contractor 1 Tier 3: 1,000 contractors Tier 4: 5,000 contractors Tier 5: 10,000 contractors # Employees Less than 10 10-19 # Employees Metal fabricators in Japan 40,000 companies
  8. Manufacturing
 Procurement of 
 fabricated product
 ・Consolidation of procurement 

    and production
 ・QCD assurance responsibilities 
 ・Ensure production capacity 
 ・Reduce procurement workload 
 System Installation
 ・Support “capitalization” of 
 drawing data
 ・Enhance the usage of the 
 data for value creation 
 Two pillars of our business
  9. Business model of CADDi CADDi strives to create a world

    that can realize each manufacturer’s strength to create a flat, non-hierarchical relationship between customers and manufacturers. Matching only Matching only reduces costs for finding a manufacturer, but not costs associated with negotiation and supervision. Semi-fabless manufacturer Able to reducing transaction costs for customers and manufacturers by mediating the transaction itself Mechanical drawing data 2 ・Reduced labor in procurement ・Cost savings ・Stable prices and delivery times Customers ・No estimation ・Logical costing ・Stable sales Optimized purchasing and manufacturing Automatic cost estimation algorithm 1 Inspection, quality assurance, and product delivery 3 CADDi Manufacturers MERIT MERIT
  10. Service for Thailand Manufacturer Drawing Analysis Drawing Translation Cost Estimation

    Optimized Ordering Order Management Inspection Management Inventory / Logistics Management Supply Chain Management Cost Management Quality Standardization Productivity Improvement through Digitalization Raw Material Sourcing Optimization of Process through Digitalization Focus on Strengths Production Management Resource Contribution CADDi Virtual Factory Customer Intelligence
  11. Example of Customer’s equipment Semiconductor manufacturing equipment FPD manufacturing equipment

    Food machinery Packaging machinery Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment CADDi is involved in delivering equipment to manufacture familiar everyday products Rice ball maker water bottle labeling machine EV battery manufacturing equipment Smartphone LCD manufacturing equipment Processed food manufacturing Bookbinding machinery Printers Chemical equipment Injection molding equipment Machining tools Inspection equipment Railway equipment Automobile manufacturing lines Analytical equipment Testing equipment
  12. amazon • established in 1994
 • T.M.V:USD1.7Trillion 
 Google •

    established in 1998
 • T.M.V:USD1.8Trillion 
 facebook/Meta • established in 2004
 • T.M.V:USD1Trillion
 Uber • established in 2009
 • T.M.V:USD81Billion
 Alibaba • established in 1999
 • T.M.V:USD430Billion 
 Our journey has just begun... total market value
 yrs in operation
 As of now

  13. Vision 2030 Customers Becoming a global 1 trillion yen sales

    order management platform Becoming a Data-Leveraged Manufacturing Solution Provider Enhancing the business and driving DX across the entire supply chain operations Leveraging past transaction record to develop and enhance value-added structures throughout the value chain Supply Partners 1 2
  14. Advantages of Thailand High Quality Standards Established manufacturing supply chain

    with a long history in the automotive industry Growth of IT ecosystem Software ecosystem and IT engineers resources are rapidly growing Manufacturing Workers lots of talent in the market who worked in Japan or Japanese companies Three strong pillars to create “new system” in the manufacturing industry
  15. Our Vision (CADDi Thailand) Thailand as 1st choice for high

    value machinery parts for global manufacturing companies Alternative to China Risk Market Opportunity Our Enabler Manufacturers with rich experience Cost Competitiveness Relationship with US/Japan customers Bring Digital technology to improve productivity Our Enabler Order More Orders Higher Productivity Manufacturing know-how to improve quality Higher Profitability Benefit for manufacturers
  16. Only beneficial for our supply partners….? Capacity of CADDi Platform

    Capacity of Supply Partner Expansion of partner capacity ↓ Expansion of capacity of our platform
  17. Downstream, factory support Expansion in services/applications  
 3D CAD only

    transaction 3D CAD Automated quotation Finance Material procurement CAM connection /creation MANU FACTURING Production Management Procurement of catalog material Smart factory & IoT Procurement of catalog parts Optimized logistics Sales of used machinery DRAWER VAVE design standardizatio n Optimized procureme nt analysis Optimized demand & supply forecast PLM/ PDM DFM analysis Support M&A/ succession of business Recruiting & professional development BOM managem ent Upstream, maker support Project management Product category Connected with construction management Project management Supplier management 8
  18. Organization (as of Jan/2023) CEO / CTO JP Vietnam Business

    Corporate/HR Technology Center Business Corporate/HR Manufacturing Operation Thailand US Operational Excellence Material Manufacturing Operation Operational Excellence Material Project Management Finance & Accounting Administrative Recruitment Finance & Accounting Administrative Recruitment
  19. We’re hiring! -Business Specialist- Raw Material Supply Quality Engineer ・Explain

    the quality standard and instruct suppliers to follow the    standard Support quality improvement to reduce NGs and delays ・Establish reliable supply chain of raw materials (quality and     availability) ・Reduce raw material purchasing cost by making partnership with    suppliers Outlines Name Strategic Cost Analyst ・Analyze prices and contribute to the negotiation and acquisition of  deals and work with cost models to structure them. example of campany Manufacturing Engineering Specialist ・Discuss and agree on manufacturing process(ask for improvement   too) ・ Enhance suppliers to reduce cost and improve quality - Denso - Kyocera - Canon - BOSCH - local factory - metal processing industry └ sheet metal, machining - industrial machinery manufacturer - automotive parts manufacturer example of industry
  20. We’re hiring! -Business Generalist- Supplier Management Production Cost Modeling ・Find,

    develop and evaluate new suppliers and lead   whole project ・Being counterpart to the supplier from price     quotation, order to shipment ・Create and implement strategies to improve  important KPIs such as conversion rate, gross profit  and net profit through cost management. Outlines Name example of campany - Strategy consulting firm:Mckinsey, BCG, etc. - Pepsi, P&G, Unilever - Mega Ventures; Shopee,Grab,Lazad a metal processing industry mechanical manufacturer consulting firm FMCG big start-up company example of industry
  21. We’re hiring! -Corporate- ・Develop and drive the execution of recruitment

    plans based on company  strategy Outlines Name Talent Acquisition