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Business Banquet Etiquette Seminar

Business Banquet Etiquette Seminar

This is a 45-minute seminar where I teach students the basics of banquet etiquette in an effort to prepare them for future professional association banquets. I cover the basics of informal versus formal place settings and how to determine which glass and bread plate is yours. This is an interactive activity with actual food and cutlery to practice banquet skills.


Candice Nance

May 01, 2013


  1. Business Etiquette Banquet

  2. None
  3. None
  4. BMW

  5. B

  6. B M

  7. B M W

  8. Con'nental  Style Res'ng I’m  Finished

  9. Con'nental  Style Cu:ng  Food Ea'ng

  10. American  Style Res'ng I’m  Finished

  11. American  Style Cu:ng  Food Ea'ng

  12. Con'nental  vs.  American