Linux Conf Australia 2016 - Cloud Anti-Patterns

1ed0b822068d34032bca7d2beeb2f846?s=47 Casey West
February 01, 2016

Linux Conf Australia 2016 - Cloud Anti-Patterns

The value of embracing microservices, containers, and continuous delivery is powerful only when brought together in logical, scalable, and portable ways. When used incorrectly it’s increasingly easy to make things much worse for you and your team, and do it at scale.

For example, while microservices can be used to effectively isolate functionality, increase the speed of delivery, and help scale your team it can also be a way to inefficiently duplicate functionality and create single points of failure.

I’ll share anti-patterns and corresponding best practices based on my experience building application infrastructure and platforms, as well as the applications which are deployed to them.


Casey West

February 01, 2016