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9 Strategies for Using Images in High Impact Slide Presentations

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October 29, 2012

9 Strategies for Using Images in High Impact Slide Presentations

If you're going to use images in your slides, here are 9 ways to use them effectively.



October 29, 2012

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  1. How to Use Images Effectively 9 Strategies for Designing High

    Impact PowerPoint Slides Chris Lema, @chrislema
  2. My 5 Quick Rules 1.  Create your own color palette

    2.  Create your own layout 3.  Use 2-3 fonts (not 12) 4.  Focus on Alignment & Contrast 5.  Use Great Images ($) & make them bleed!
  3. Use them to cause some confusion that you will resolve

    Strategy One
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  5. Use them to highlight some silliness that you will explain

    Strategy Two
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  7. Use them to tease your audience with something unexpected Strategy

    Three Warning: Nudity and partial breasts are next…not for minors
  8. None
  9. Use them to Visualize something that is Abstract Strategy Four

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  11. Use them to Stimulate an audience Discussion Strategy Five

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  13. Use them to Illustrate the perfectly Obvious Strategy Six

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  15. Use them as a Play on Words Strategy Seven

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  17. Use them to Make a Point Strategy Eight

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  19. Use them to Startle, Cause Laughter & Show Irony Strategy

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  21. 50% of our brains react to visual stimuli Images can

    capture our attention best! Spend the time & $ to get great ones. The Big Takeaways