JavaScript Grows Up in the Enterprise

JavaScript Grows Up in the Enterprise

The meteoric rise of JavaScript, a programming language created in 10 days nearly 20 years ago, continues to astound believers and skeptics alike. It may not be the most elegant, consistent, or powerful language, but like the English language, you can use it practically everywhere and to do almost anything. Developers have pushed the envelope of JavaScript both on a grass-roots level with open source libraries, as well as within the standard bodies to push for richer language features. This acceptance has created an increasingly better variant of modern JavaScript that is rapidly becoming the dominant language and forming a thriving ecosystem for professional software development. Today, developers use JavaScript as wiring to build reactive interfaces on the front-end, as glue to connect systems in real-time in the middle-tier, and as lever to scale out the back-end in the cloud.

Smart enterprises are starting to tap into the boundless energy, fast pace of innovation, and ready-made parts available in the JavaScript ecosystem. Top developers joining enterprise teams are bringing their strong expertise of JavaScript along their equally strong opinions about their favorite frameworks or libraries with them. Christopher Tse, the founding Senior Director of McGraw-Hill Education’s R&D lab, will share the insights and lessons from three years of using JavaScript, JSON, node.js, and NoSQL to tackle hard problems that the previous generation of technologies like Java, CMS, RDBMS, and BI tools left unsolved.

Chris will show real-world examples of how JSON-native stores like Couchbase are giving JavaScript apps the scalability leverage to securely extend enterprise data to end-users globally, on a delivery platform of their choice, while shielding those systems from the unpredictable spikes on the Internet. Additionally, he will paint a picture of a JSON-centric architectural landscape that will highlight tools and libraries that are the emerging winners in the JavaScript world.

This talk was originally presented at Couchbase Live NYC on June 3, 2014.

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Chris Tse

June 03, 2014