The End of Single Page Apps by Chris Tse

The End of Single Page Apps by Chris Tse

Full video of the talk is available on YouTube:

What comes next after this JavaScript-fueled Single Page Apps (SPA) fever?

We need to look back at the rich history of application software to find the answers. Turns out, Apple had some unfinished business in the 90's for the Open Web community to pick up and give it another shot. Moonshot.

Chris Tse, founding director of CardStack, shows how JavaScript frameworks like Ember can be leveraged to create a composable web that gives the power of assembly to end users—the ultimate creators of value on the Internet, not just developers.

This presentation was the given by Chris Tse as the closing keynote for Wicked Good Ember 2015 in Boston.

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Chris Tse

June 16, 2015