How To Show Your WordPress Work To Clients

1900530e376425a9b5decd5c245a5442?s=47 CJ Andrew
October 28, 2017

How To Show Your WordPress Work To Clients

Presenting work-in-progress to serviced clients can be a challenge. Same goes for the “go-live” activity, which often includes publishing or updating a site.

It is easy to use FTP to copy website files. That approach, however, comes with risks and drawbacks. Moreover “what happens if we want to allow "client reviews" while work is still on-going?”

That is where a deployment workflow can help.

This talk shared experiences and lessons learned from developing a simple, stable, and consistent deployment workflow for serviced clients.

The talk suggested practices and policies that may be adopted or modified to suit each individual shop. It also examined potential challenges and risks that affect deployment activities. It then made recommendations to reduce their impact.

Attendees gained insight to an active deployment workflow, which can be used to demonstrate on-going work to serviced clients. They also discovered a set of tools, practices, and policies, which they can apply on their own client projects.


CJ Andrew

October 28, 2017