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WooCommerce : Website Considerations for Beginners

1900530e376425a9b5decd5c245a5442?s=47 CJ Andrew
November 28, 2017

WooCommerce : Website Considerations for Beginners

A talk about the value of adopting WooCommerce for business. Learn to look beyond the plugin and features. Make your business process tangible to your customers, via your eCommerce website.

Originally presented at WP Glasgow Meetup, Nov 28 2017


CJ Andrew

November 28, 2017

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  3. • • • • Question: Do you use WooCommerce in

    your business?
  4. • • Scope of an eCommerce website • Typical eCommerce

    challenges for small business • The business case for WooCommerce • Myths about WooCommerce • • A new WooCommerce Store • An existing WooCommerce Store
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  6. • •

  7. Manufacturer Vendor Warehouse Stock Inventory Merchandising Point of Sale Fulfilment

    Post Sale Green Zone delivery returns stock room outreach Customer
  8. Merchandising Point of Sale Entry point = Home page Catalogue

    pages Look-books Shop pages Category pages Product page Cart pages Checkout pages Cart routine Checkout workflow Payment processing Order acceptance Guided customer journey Customer Workflow activities
  9. • • •

  10. • • • • • • •

  11. Challenge WooCommerce Response Inventory Management Customisable post-types for inventory Shipping

    and Handling Extensions for standard shipping rules Supports custom shipping rules Tax representation Built-in & 3rd party tax rate management Integration with tax rate service (TaxJar) Friction at Checkout Customisable forms to reflect workflow Cart abandonment Extensions to aid cart reclaim Returns and Refunds Customisable order processing workflow Business integration Extensible platform. More than a plugin
  12. • • •

  13. • You can build whatever you want, because WooCommerce is

    a robust framework, with a mature API. • WooCommerce can scale up to 10k products and more (See Pantheon.io) • Application software do not secure assets; policies do • Standards-compliant extensions and themes make maintenance easy • A WooCommerce storefront can be as cheap as you like, or as advanced as your business requires
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  15. Hosting Install WordPress & WooCommerce Configure WooCommerce Add Inventory Select

    Visual Layout Sales 1 2 3 4 5 6
  16. Planning Content User Interface Trade Infrastructure Feasibility Inventory Visual layout

    Shipping rules Hosting Persona Mapping SEO-optimization Mobile customisation Tax rates SSL/TLS Transport Use Cases & Stories Analytics & tracking Custom checkout Payment gateway Storage Test Cases Sales copy Order rules
  17. Maintain Content Architecture Inventory Review Content SEO User Interface Themes

    Extensions Infrastructure Hosting Storage Secure Transport
  18. • • • • •

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