How To Survive As A New WordPress Service Provider

How To Survive As A New WordPress Service Provider

My talk at WordCamp Edinburgh 2017 [Day 1] [Track 1]

WordPress has allowed many of us an opportunity to turn our interests and hobbies into a service. The relatively low barrier to entry offers great benefit for service providers, but it also comes with challenges that may not be obvious in the beginning.

For example: how does a new WordPress service provider survive and thrive in the face of increasing competition?

This talk offers a perspective and an approach uniquely tailored to independent practitioners. It is based on lessons learned in the field over the past 3 years, and will focus on the soft-skills, strategies, and mind-set, which a new WordPress service provider might wish to adopt in order to ensure longevity, stability, and satisfaction in their role.

Topical areas specific to WordPress service delivery, such as technical competency, pricing, project co-ordination, and more will be covered; all from the viewpoint of an independent WordPress practitioner.


CJ Andrew

July 22, 2017