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Knative: k8s for Developers

Knative: k8s for Developers

Knative foi muito associado a serverless, o que é apenas uma das features propostas pelo knative.
Acredito que outras funcionalidades com abstração de deployments de serviços propõe muito mais valor para o desenvolvedor que enfrenta a complexidade dos tipos do kubernetes. Atualmente java está mais "pronto" para rodar serviços que tem baixo tempo de bootstrap e quem sabe até umas funções serverless.

Claudio Eduardo de Oliveira

October 17, 2020

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  1. 1 - What is K8s 4 - Demos 3 -

    Knative 2 - k8s in developer perspective Agenda Agenda
  2. Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized

    workloads and services, that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/overview/what-is-kubernetes/
  3. Containers PODs ReplicaSets Deployments Endpoints Services Secrets ConfigMaps Volumes /

    PV / PVC Ingress / LBs Networks K8s Primitives K8s Tools yamls Istio helm kubectl Spec and Status
  4. https://tanzu.vmware.com/content/blog/kubernetes-is-a-platform-for-building-platforms “So adopt Kubernetes. Get it running. And recognize that

    it’s a platform for running other platforms that will improve your software delivery and business outcomes.” - Richard Seroter is the VP of Product Marketing at Pivotal
  5. What is Knative??? The purpose of Knative is to provide

    a simple, consistent layer over Kubernetes that solves common problems of deploying software. Remember: Kubernetes is a platform for building platforms
  6. Built for developers!!!! This layer creates a firmer boundary between

    the developer and the platform, allowing the developer to concentrate of the software they are directly responsible for.
  7. Built as a k8s extensions There is no restrictions regarding

    k8s If you need you can use full k8s resources it integrates with non-knative resources
  8. Platform teams or Platform Owners - Platform teams build, deploy,

    monitor, and are on call for the platform components and underlying platform infrastructure. https://martinfowler.com/articles/talk-about-platforms.html https://thenewstack.io/linkerd-2-0-the-service-mesh-for-service-owners-platform-architects-sres/
  9. How it works??? Knative is a collection of processes, a.k.a

    containers, that run in k8s cluster. Knative uses CRDs, or kubernetes extensions and enables developers to use yamls like vanilla kubernetes.
  10. Configuration Configuration is a definition of our software, the list

    of containers and environments variables required to application run
  11. Revisions Snapshot of an app considering configuration, every time that

    configuration changes a new revision will be provisioned. In favor of immutable infrastructure
  12. Routes Is the way that Knative uses to map incoming

    requests to a specific revision. Get traffic for our applications
  13. Routes Questions that Routes wants to answer…. At what public

    address or URL will traffic arrive from ? What targets can I send traffic to ? What percentage of traffic goes to which targets?
  14. Problem : k8s is a quite complex for developers deployments,

    services, configmaps….. Solution: Simple element Service
  15. Problem : release a new version of our software Solution:

    Release a new version using Canary Release
  16. Problem : release a new version of our software Solution:

    Release a new version using Canary Release
  17. Knative is not only serverless. It is a complete platform

    to help developers in software delivery topic
  18. Take a look on Knative Eventing it can be very

    helpful to work with Event Driven Architecture